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  1. The Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2013

    **The Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2013** With the ever increasing popularity of the amazing iPhone and its incredibly performing apps, 2013 has shed a new light on a wide variety of original, innovative an...Learn More
  2. Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Issues

    **Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Issues** Approximately around 9.4% of world’s population uses Apple iPhones, and many of them have experienced the bug of iPhone getting stuck on Apple logo. This common phenome...Learn More
  3. iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

    **iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery** Our mobile phone is one of the most important device, it has almost all of our crucial data stored in it. Losing the data can be really dreadful. Have you lost your Iphon...Learn More
  4. My daughter was a creative genius, and then we bought her an iPhone

    My daughter used to be an artist. She would spend hours in the TV room, not watching TV, but on the floor surrounded by scraps of paper, beads and string, making collages and jewelry, or copying cartoon charact...Learn More
  5. Who are the SDCoders?

    The modern era: In this day and age, customers expect their favorite businesses and brands to engage with them digitally. In fact, your online presence is the primary way your business is discovered by new cus...Learn More
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  6. Difference between value type and a reference type in iOS swift?

    As the title says, there are two categories a type in swift can fall into: Value Type Reference Type Very basic definition: Value Type — each instance keeps a unique copy of its data. A type that creates a ...Learn More
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  7. AirPods — How They Became One Of Apple’s Biggest Successes

    Apple Apple initially released the AirPods back in 2016 with the launch of the iPhone 7. Shortly after being announced the Airpods were mocked and ridiculed by the tech community. Although it seemed like AirP...Learn More
  8. iPhone X, the supercar of the Smart Phone world — Price, performance, exclusivity and the future

    Supercars are expensive, they are fast and inaccessible to the majority, all this while providing advanced technologies that have not been adopted yet by the mainstream. The iPhone X seems to work under the sam...Learn More
  9. Keep That Old iPhone! DIY Media Console

    My downfall as a Pisces is that I have an inherit and sometimes misguided belief that given the resources / knowledge I can develop something better than anything that’s on the market… at least that’s what I te...Learn More
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  10. Putting Down my Phone and Finding Myself

    Putting Down my Phone and Finding Myself Happiness is In Real Life, not in my phone If you are like me, your phone has become like a clingy lover, demanding your attention when you would rather be doing somet...Learn More
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  11. How to Unhijack Your Mind from Your Phone

    Why? Several reasons: Opening these apps this way makes your phone automatically kick you back to the lock screen when you’re done (so you don’t accidentally get sucked in). It saves you three extra spots on y...Learn More
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  12. 아이폰 12 pro max 리뷰와 솔직한 장단점

    Learn more. Medium is an open platform where 170 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to ...Learn More
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