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  1. Java - How to avoid loss of precision during divide and cast to int?

    I have a situation where I need to find out how many times an int goes into a decimal, but in certain cases, I'm losing precision. Here is the method: public int test(double decimalAmount, int divisor) { ret...Learn More
  2. Java int to String - Integer.toString(i) vs new Integer(i).toString()

    Sometimes java puzzles me. I have a huge amount of int initializations to make. What's the real difference? Integer.toString(i) new Integer(i).toString() ...Learn More
  3. Convert to a urllib.request to an integer

    Am I able to convert the value us_price into an integer after the following: import urllib.request page = urllib.request.urlopen ("http://au.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=AUDUSD=X") text = page.read().decode("utf8") ...Learn More
  4. Python get least significant digits from a float (without using string operations)

    Assuming I have the float 12345.6789 and I want to get the six least significant digits (i.e. 45.6789) as an int (i.e. 456789) using bit operations in python (v. 2.6). How do I do that? Thanks PS I do not want ...Learn More
  5. First python screen scraping and smtp script won't evaluate properly

    Here's my script with the personal bits scrubbed. import urllib, urllib2, cookielib cj = cookielib.CookieJar() opener = urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.HTTPCookieProcessor(cj)) resp3 = opener.open('https://www.my...Learn More
  6. What is the maximum float in Python?

    I think the maximum integer in python is available by calling sys.maxint. What is the maximum float or long in Python?...Learn More
  7. How to convert str to int and add them together?

    I've spent the last 2 hours trying to find a solution for this and came up with nothing. So either this is not possible or its so basic that no one write about this. Basically I have 2 strings that both equal n...Learn More
  8. How to create FILETIME in Win32?

    I have a value __int64 that is a 64-bit FILETIME value. FILETIME has a dwLowDateTime and dwHighDateTime. When I try to assign a __int64 to a FILETIME I get a C2440. How do I assign the __int64 to the FILETIME? ...Learn More
  9. Explain the float - int problem in factorization

    I am missing here the technical word but the problem here is either to change int to float or float to int. def factorize(n): def isPrime(n): return not [x for x in range(2,int(math.sqrt(n))) ...Learn More
  10. Python, len, and size of ints

    So, cPython (2.4) has some interesting behaviour when the length of something gets near to 1<<32 (the size of an int). r = xrange(1&lt;&lt;30) assert len(r) == 1&lt;&lt;30 is fine, but:...Learn More
  11. Haskell converting Float to Int

    I'm still new and trying to create a list for use in a function and want to keep it as small as possible which happens to be logBase x y. but I'm having trouble getting logBase into something I can use in this ...Learn More
  12. Python: How to convert a list of dictionaries' values into int/float from string?

    I have a list of dictionaries as follows: list = [ { 'a':'1' , 'b':'2' , 'c':'3' }, { 'd':'4' , 'e':'5' , 'f':'6' } ] How do I convert the values of each dictionary inside the list to int/float? So it becomes:...Learn More