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  1. itertools.islice compared to list slice

    I've been trying to apply an algorithm to reduce a python list into a smaller one based on a certain criteria. Due to the large volume of the original list, in the order of 100k elements, I tried to itertools f...Learn More
  2. help sorting a dictionary into another dictionary

    I have a dictionary (index2) of 3-item lists, organized by key from 0-150 or so. I need to sort it into another dictionary, with the following constraints: 1.) all items attached to one key must stay together i...Learn More
  3. Python: Fastest way to iterate this through a large file

    Right, I'm iterating through a large binary file I need to minimise the time of this loop: def NB2(self, ID_LEN): r1=np.fromfile(ReadFile.fid,dTypes.NB_HDR,1) num_receivers=r1[0][0] num_channels=r1[...Learn More
  4. How to iterate through a list that is being modified?

    I have a list of rows from a dataset that I need to iterate through. The problem is that the processing in the iteration may delete one or more rows from the list. Since the list is being modified, I can't u...Learn More
  5. Iterate over Dictionary: Get 'NoneType" object is not iterable error

    The function class: def play_best_hand(hand, wordDict): tempHand = hand.copy() points = 0 for word in wordDict: for letter in word: if letter in hand: tempHand[letter] = tempHand[letter...Learn More
  6. Python, Huge Iteration Performance Problem

    I'm doing an iteration through 3 words, each about 5 million characters long, and I want to find sequences of 20 characters that identifies each word. That is, I want to find all sequences of length 20 in one w...Learn More
  7. Iterating through Expando's Dynamic properties in Django Templates

    I'm trying to iterate through an Expando-Model's dynamic properties in order to output them all. Is there a way of doing this other than creating your own method like such: class Event(db.Expando): platform...Learn More
  8. How do I GROUP BY on every given increment of a field value?

    I have a Python application. It has an SQLite database, full of data about things that happen, retrieved by a Web scraper from the Web. This data includes time-date groups, as Unix timestamps, in a column reser...Learn More
  9. compare two following values in numpy array

    What is the best way to touch two following values in an numpy array? example: npdata = np.array([13,15,20,25]) for i in range( len(npdata) ): print npdata[i] - npdata[i+1] this looks really messed up and...Learn More
  10. Iteration: How To Move From The Familiar Into The Unknown

    What does the path of a vision look like as it mutates from a familiar starting point into a genuinely novel concept? Unless you are part of the creative process, almost 100% of this journey goes unseen. We exp...Learn More
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  11. Basic tree in Python with a Django QuerySet

    Here's where I'm exposed as the fraud of a programmer I am. I've never created a data tree. Basically, I have a table with four fields: A, B, C, and D. I need to create a tree of unordered lists based on the...Learn More
  12. Remove items from a list while iterating without using extra memory in Python

    My problem is simple: I have a long list of elements that I want to iterate through and check every element against a condition. Depending on the outcome of the condition I would like to delete the current elem...Learn More