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  1. Integrating H2 with Python and Flask

    Integrating H2 with Python and Flask Introduction H2 is a lightweight database server written in Java. It can be embedded in Java applications, or run as a standalone server. In this tutorial, we'll review why ...Learn More
  2. How to Get Last Inserted Record ID in MySQL Using Java (JDBC)

    How to Get Last Inserted Record ID in MySQL Using Java (JDBC) When we insert a record in a table that contains an auto increment column then we can easily obtain its id (primary key). Below example will show yo...Learn More
  3. Java SQLite Tutorial

    Java SQLite Tutorial In this tutorial you will learn about Java SQLite. SQLite is lightweight, zero configuration, serverless SQL database library. In this tutorial I will teach you how to use SQLite database w...Learn More
  4. How to Insert Date and Time in MySQL Using Java

    How to Insert Date and Time in MySQL Using Java In this example I will show you the simplest way to insert date and time in MySQL database using Java. This example is for inserting current date and time. You ca...Learn More
  5. Save and Retrieve Image from MySql Database Using Java

    Save and Retrieve Image from MySql Database Using Java Here you will get an example for save and retrieve image from MySql database using Java. In development we generally use folders for managing images. But w...Learn More
  6. How to avoid storing passwords in the clear for tomcat's server.xml Resource definition of a DataSource?

    The resource definition in tomcat's server.xml looks something like this... <Resource name="jdbc/tox" scope="Shareable" type="javax.sql.DataSource" url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@yourDBserver.yourCom...Learn More
  7. How do I unit test jdbc code in java?

    I'd like to write some unit tests for some code that connects to a database, runs one or more queries, and then processes the results. (Without actually using a database) Another developer here wrote our own D...Learn More
  8. Execute sql statement via JDBC with CLOB binding

    I have the following query (column log is of type CLOB): UPDATE table SET log=? where id=? The query above works fine when using the setAsciiStream method to put a value longer than 4000 characters into the lo...Learn More
  9. MySQL and SQLite differences in SQL

    I'm writing java application that is using both SQLite and MySQL using JDBC. Are there any differences in SQL for those databases? Can I use same queries for both SQLite and MySQL, or is there any db specific ...Learn More
  10. Your Own Way — Oracle JDBC drivers on Maven Central

    Get The JDBC Artifacts Your Own Way The core Oracle JDBC drivers jar i.e., ojdbc8.jar can be used in isolation. However, depending on the use cases, such as connection pooling, high availability, connectivity ...Learn More
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  11. ResultSet method "last" is this an optimal way?

    I have this java code which does this ResulSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(); while ( { .... //do regular processing if (rs.last()) { //do last record processing } } ...Learn More
  12. Delta/Update/Insert: Building a Single Framework for Writing into RDBMS in Both Spark & Pure Scala Modes

    RDBMS is an integral part of building most analytical layers on top of a data warehouse. Similarly, Spark is well known and vastly being used across the organizations to build a robust ETL pipeline that can do ...Learn More