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  1. google maps only loads grey box

    I am very new to the google maps API, but I am redirecting to different maps based on the results in a form. So my action page looks like: <cfif #FORM.bar# EQ "on"> <cflocation url="http://...Learn More
  2. How to open a jQuery Mobile Dialog from javascript?

    I have a dialog page and am trying to open it and display results from an AJAX POST. Here is my jQuery success event: success: function(resp) { $("#dialog").dialog(); $("#text...Learn More
  3. What's the best way to create a menu in jQueryMobile

    I'm developing an application that contains a menu with links to the several pages and I would like to know what's the best way to implement it. One solution is to create the menu on all pages via JavaScript, ...Learn More
  4. FIlter is not searching in my app

    In my App , I have a filter, It needs to search for two listviews. please where i did wrong. i am not getting results of second listview. <ul data-role="listview" data-filter="true" data-inset="true" dat...Learn More
  5. Jquery mobile (or other js framework) and customizing buttons

    Use: I am using JQeury mobile for developing by Phonegap. Advantages: - I like easy functionality (i.e. page navigation via hashes, auto pop-ups for loading.. etc) Problem: - I want to use my own images for b...Learn More
  6. How can I target jQuery mobile capable phones?

    I've made a web-app using the jQuery Mobile framework for which I would like to provide a fall-back, for lower-spec phones. My question is... what is the best way to target JQM-capablephones? I saw a similar ...Learn More
  7. Should I use jquery or jquery mobile or iPad web pages?

    I am making a web page "app" for the iPad or ios devices. Should I use jquery mobile or just regular jquery? After all they're only web pages aren't they? Is jquery proper no good for me? Do I need mobile j...Learn More
  8. How to access a file in local system using JavaScript?

    I'm using jQuery Mobile framework. I'm having a server which hosts a website. The user can connect to website through mobile browser and download files (.doc, .xls, .pdf etc.) from that website. I need to open ...Learn More
  9. jQuery Mobile 1.0a4.1 iPad Viewport Size

    I just updated the jQuery Mobile version of our client book-in page to the latest 1.0a4.1 and I need some help debugging a window sizing issue off-site (I'm not on location). The page runs on an iPad at the st...Learn More
  10. request a page content by the way of ajax.but the javascript code in that page is not executed

    When I click the 'AjaxButton' to request the page 'ajax.jsp' by the way of ajax.the value of 'html' is the code of 'ajax.jsp', but when I append it to div '#ajaxHtml',the is lost, alert('window msg'); is not e...Learn More
  11. Mobile browser ignoring markup and script areas (Webkit, Android)

    I'm working on web app (a C# MVC app) in which the view engine renders a different view page when it detects a mobile browser. In particular I'm targeting the Android web kit browser (on Froyo). Oddly the page ...Learn More
  12. jquery change input-type

    I have an input field which I want to use on mobile and desktop made with Jquery Mobile. It's a quantity selector field, so depending on input type, the user only has to enter a number or click-increment to 1,...Learn More