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  1. JVM: Java Virtual Machine Architecture and Structure

    **JVM: Java Virtual Machine Architecture and Structure** JVM is responsible for taking .class file and converting that .class file in machine code instructions that can be executed by microprocessor. It’s no...Learn More
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  2. Reading and Writing JSON in Kotlin with Jackson

    Reading and Writing JSON in Kotlin with Jackson In this article we'll be taking a look at how to read and write JSON files in Kotlin, specifically, using the Jackson library. Jackson Dependency To utilize Jacks...Learn More
  3. Reading and Writing CSV Files in Kotlin with Apache Commons

    Reading and Writing CSV Files in Kotlin with Apache Commons Introduction In this article we'll be taking a look at how to read and write CSV files in Kotlin, specifically, using Apache Commons. Apache Commons D...Learn More
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  4. Heap Configuration in Elasticsearch

    Nothing Less Nothing More It should not consider that if the size of heap is large, every reference of objects are allocated memory. If the size of heap is larger than it should be, when heap is full and the g...Learn More
  5. Are there problems developing Django on Jython?

    The background I'm building a fair-sized web application with a friend in my own time, and we've decided to go with the Django framework on Python. Django provides us with a lot of features we're going to n...Learn More
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  6. Updating from Java 1.4.2 to Java 6 (both Sun VMs) results in slower performance

    I've just upgraded some old Java source which has been running on a Sun Java 1.4.2 VM to Sun Java (JRE) 6 VM. More or less the only thing I had to change was to add explicit datatypes for some abstract objects ...Learn More
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  7. Are there compelling reasons not to use Groovy?

    I'm developing a LoB application in Java after a long absence from the platform (having spent the last 8 years or so entrenched in Fortran, C, a smidgin of C++ and latterly .Net). Java, the language, is not mu...Learn More
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  8. Loading up a web.xml for integration tests with jetty

    OK this is kind of related to : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/728805/using-jetty-to-install-and-run-servlet-tests-programmatically got great answers there, and have been able to load up servlets programma...Learn More
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  9. C#, C++/cli: How do you unit test a component that can only be loaded once per process

    I'm currently implementing a .NET wrapper for a Java library by using JNI to start the JavaVM and interacting with Java classes. To be on the save side, I'd like to have unit tests for my code. The Problem I'...Learn More
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  10. Java: Why method type in .class file contains return type, not only signature?

    There is a "NameAndType" structure in the constants pool in .class file. It is used for dynamic binding. All methods that class can "export" described as "signature + return type". Like "getVector()Ljava/uti...Learn More
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  11. Is there a way to get which classes a ClassLoader has loaded?

    I am trying to implement some unit testing for an old framework. I am attempting to mock out the database layer. Unfortunately our framework is a bit old and not quite using best practices so there is no clear ...Learn More
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  12. Memory leak of java.lang.ref.WeakReference objects inside JDK classes

    The following simple code reproduces the growth of java.lang.ref.WeakReference objects in the heap: public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { while (true) { java.util.logging.Logger.getAnonymou...Learn More
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