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  1. Spring Security: In-Memory Invalidation of JWT Tokens During User Logout

    Introduction As technology evolves and becomes more prevalent - including the evolution of large-scale service-oriented architectures, managing web security becomes more and more complex. There are many more ed...Learn More
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  2. Authentication and Authorization with JWTs in Express.js

    Authentication and Authorization with JWTs in Express.js Introduction In this article, we will be talking about how JSON Web Tokens works, what are the advantages of them, their structure, and how to use them t...Learn More
  3. JWT User Authentication with Lumen API

    Photo by Luis Tosta on Unsplash Lumen is a great framework to build an API off of, but it does not come with user authentication or authorization. I needed to create a small API that allowed users to create an...Learn More
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  4. How to Use Cookies to Persist State in NextJS

    Using react-cookie in Nextjs With LocalStorage There are a number of ways to persist users in a React or Single Page Application. A lot of times, devs generally use localStorage to store user data and load th...Learn More
  5. How to create a JWT app on zoom

    1. Register Your App To register your app, visit the Zoom App Marketplace and click on the Develop option in the dropdown on the top-right corner and select Build App. A page with various app types will be dis...Learn More
  6. JSON Web Token (JWT) and why we use them

    JSON Web Token (JWT) and how we use them at Turtlemint So I wanted to talk about how we use JWT here at Turtlemint. What is JWT (JSON Web Token) you ask? JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519) for...Learn More
  7. JWT auth in Go

    To get started, we need to create a new Go application: Make the path appropriate for your workspace. mkdir -p go/src/github.com/war1oc/jwt-auth I use Dep for dependency management. dep init I will be usin...Learn More
  8. Tiny Tale of JSON Web Tokens. You probably logged in to medium to…

    What are JWTs? It’s a mechanism to verify the owner of some JSON data. It’s an encoded string containing some cryptographically signed data. It’s an open standard(RFC 7519) btw. A server can trust the data co...Learn More
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  9. Hands-On With JWT in Golang

    JWT in Golang Now that we have a better idea about JWTs, let’s create our small authentication API in Golang. Initiate the Go module Create a new directory in your GOPATH , call it authapp , and then initiat...Learn More
  10. Google Service Account Http Error 500 - Python

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out, so I hope someone can help. Seems like relatively straightforward code accessing a Google API endpoint with a Service Account- but I am getting Http ...Learn More
  11. Django Rest Framework — JWT auth with Login and Register by Sjlouji

    Django Rest Framework — JWT auth with Login and Register Sjlouji Follow Aug 27 · 4 min read Hello all. In this blog I am explaining how to perform JWT authentication (Login and Register )with Django REST Frame...Learn More
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  12. Symfony REST API (without FosRestBundle) using JWT authentication: PART 2

    In the first part ( Post 1) We explored how to implement the Rest API without using FosRestBunlde. In this post, we are going to secure the implementation by using JWT Authentication. 1- What is JWT ? JWT (JS...Learn More
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