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  1. Introduction to the ELK Stack

    Introduction to the ELK Stack The products we build often rely on multiple web servers and/or multiple database servers. In such cases, we often don’t have centralized tools for analyzing and storing logs. Unde...Learn More
  2. Integrating Elasticsearch with MS SQL, Logstash, and Kibana

    Integrating Elasticsearch with MS SQL, Logstash, and Kibana Introduction MS SQL Server holds the data in relational form or even multi-dimensional form (through SSAS) and proffers several out-of-the-box search ...Learn More
  3. yet another Could not contact Elasticsearch at http://logstash.example.com:9200

    i have installed logstash+elasticsearch+kibana into one host and received the error from the title. I have googled all over the related topics, still no luck and yet stuck. I will share the configs i have made...Learn More
  4. Elastic Search Kibana TimeStamp key missing

    I have a dataset with timestamp info in it. I used Python/PYES package to insert the data into elastic search following the tutorial here. Then, I installed Kibana in the same machine and modified the js. I ha...Learn More
  5. Kibana 4 time window in date histograms

    I have a Date Histogram chart in Kibana 4 that is suppose to show how many new entries are inserted in elasticsearch. For that, every entry has a date field. I've defined the chart to show new entries every min...Learn More
  6. Error when using Kibanas terms_stats panel

    I ran into an error with the terms_stats panel in Kibana. Whenever I try to add it - and seemingly regardless of the settings - I get the following: Error: b.results.facets is undefined Followed by the stacktr...Learn More
  7. 用彩虹社YouTube直播聊天訊息來練習Elasticsearch

    列出2020年11月各頻道的關鍵字出現次數 GET /n7i-chats-202011/_search { "size": 0, "query": { "bool": { "should": [ { "match_phrase": { "content": "天才" } }, { "match_phrase": { "content": "かしこい" } }, { "match_phrase": { "conten...Learn More
  8. Kibana3: long to IP in terms panel

    For an ELK(Kibana is v3) setup I feed logs from some firewalls and src_ip/dst_ip fields are defined as type "ip". eg. "dst_ip" : {"type" : "ip"} Mappings are also correct: curl -XGET http://localhost:9200/logs...Learn More
  9. How to load Kibana Visualizations with python script using REST requests

    I want to automate creating Visualization and Dashboard on Kibana with a python script. I was able to do this with cURL command on terminal, PUTting data to 'http://localhost:9200/.kibana/visualization/visualiz...Learn More
  10. Non standard intervals in date histogram in Kibana

    I'm using Kibana 4 to graph response times. When there is low load on the system, the average responses vary a lot if I aggregate them by second (because there might only be a couple of requests coming in durin...Learn More
  11. ELK stack using Docker Compose

    The ELK stack is a very widely accepted platform for data analytics. To comply with latest DevOps processes and mindset, Elasticsearch.co has provided docker images to deploy the application code in matter of f...Learn More
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  12. Remove save option from Kibana

    Hi I'm using Elasticsearch for dashboard reporting and I'm trying to find where the source code is located for the dashboard so that I can remove the save options located on the upper right hand corner. Any ide...Learn More