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  1. Introducing Pixy

    **Introducing Pixy** Introducing Pixy (aka CMUcam5). Its an embedded camera that has a dual core ARM processor, USB/I2C/UART/SPI communication, and built-in vision algorithms. I started working on this camera...Learn More
  2. End of the Kickstarter

    **End of the Kickstarter** I'm a little late in posting this (8 days late, to be exact), but the Pixy Kickstarter is over and we're on to the next phase of the project. Here's how we did: Total Days: 30 Total ...Learn More
  3. Uncovering what traits make a Kickstarter campaign successful

    Since its creation in 2009, Kickstarter has provided a platform for creators to pitch their ideas and crowdsource funding to turn those ideas into reality. One such creator is the company Pebble Technology. Th...Learn More
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  4. Creator Hangout: Catching up with Green Pea Cookie Creator Larissa Russell

    More food tips from Terry And while we were on the subject of food, we asked Terry for advice she’d share with anyone considering launching a project in that category: Make sure your food photos are clear, in...Learn More
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  5. Its Official: Treble and Tangerine Are Taking The Plunge

    Today, I am proud to announce that Treble.fm and Tangerine House will be joining forces under Treble Industries. To commemorate this announcement, we will be throwing a corporate wedding on February 25th. Surro...Learn More
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  6. Our Tech Predictions for 2017

    Every December, we take a look back at big ideas from the past twelve months that promise to gain momentum in the new year. With more than eleven thousand projects launched between our Design and Tech categorie...Learn More
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  7. The Doubleclicks’ Laser Malena-Webber Wants to Help You Rock Your Next Kickstarter Campaign

    If anyone knows how to help musicians navigate a Kickstarter campaign, it’s Laser Malena-Webber. The Portland, Oregon–based musician founded the indie folk band The Doubleclicks with their sister, Aubrey, in 20...Learn More
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  8. How to have a successful pre-launch

    Campaign owners can’t just launch their crowdfunding campaign and then expect backers to fund them fully. The success of crowdfunding comes more from consumers seeking personal connections with their choice of...Learn More
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  9. Choice Words: What Annie Finch Learned from Editing Four Centuries of Writing on Abortion

    Kickstarter: You got the idea for this collection 20 years ago when you were looking for something like it that didn’t exist. What type of solace or comfort do you think literature can provide that other medium...Learn More
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  10. ‘Ojalá’- a film project: Media kit

    The video for our Kickstarter campaign and film project, ‘Ojalá’. About the project What are your hopes and dreams for yourself? And which role do they play in our story as mankind? Led by these questions w...Learn More
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  11. How a Make 100 Project Might Change Your Year

    How a Make 100 Project Might Change Your Year Four creators share how starting small with Make 100 kicked off a year of creative output. Artist and Make 100 creator Alex Hubbell’s studio Each January, we inv...Learn More
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  12. Jewelbots on Kickstarter: A Deep Data Dive

    Jewelbots on Kickstarter: A Deep Data Dive By Brooke Moreland, Cofounder of Jewelbots Raising a ton of money on Kickstarter is not as common as you may think. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, and re...Learn More
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