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  1. How to Develop a Maven Project in Eclipse

    How to Develop a Maven Project in Eclipse As great as Maven is, it does make things a bit more complicated, including how you develop projects in different IDEs. If Maven is supposed to make building projects e...Learn More
  2. What is Maven?

    What is Maven? Maven Explained Apache Maven is a build automation tool for Java projects. Think of Ant, or Make, but much more powerful and easier to use. If you've ever had to deal with building a Java project...Learn More
  3. How to Install Maven

    **How to Install Maven** Windows Download the latest version of Maven apache-maven-3.1.0-bin.zip as of this writing Unzip the archive and place the the Maven folder somewhere on your computer ex: C:\Progra...Learn More
  4. python & maven (unit test integration)

    I have a project that mainly Java (using maven as the build tool) and we are looking to add some python modules. It's easy enough to place the code in src/main/python but I haven't found a nice way to integrat...Learn More
  5. How to get access to Maven's dependency hierarchy within a plugin

    In my plugin I need to process the dependency hierarchy and get information (groupId, artifactId, version etc) about each dependency and if it was excluded. What is the best way to do this? ...Learn More
  6. Testing a Spring Boot application with the Google Cloud Spanner Emulator

    Testing a Spring Boot application with the Google Cloud Spanner Emulator Peter Runge Follow Nov 19 · 4 min read Cloud Spanner has been around for a while, but testing your applications against a real instance ...Learn More
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  7. I just want to get started on development and spend less time faffing around with dependancies... is there a non MVN solution?

    I'm a relativly newcomer to Java and Android, so far it's been a truly enlightening experience. The biggest nuisance is simply setting up my projects in the first place. I've noticed that I seem to be spendin...Learn More
  8. An example of multi-module Gitlab-CI pipeline

    This is a quick example of how to handle CI pipelines for a multi-module project. It is illustrated with Scala/Maven simple project, but, of course, the idea could be implemented in other languages/package mana...Learn More
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  9. Strange Maven out of memory error

    I am currently trying to build my project using hudson to call maven. I keep getting the problem of out of memoery error. I set the xmx and xms in all environmental variable, hudson configuration and hudson pro...Learn More
  10. AWS Lambda Layer — Simplified Dependency Management and Deployment with Java and SAM

    Introduction In the programming world, including libraries and dependencies in the function code is a common practice required for successful compilation and execution. Whether it is an SDK or external library...Learn More
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  11. Multiple maven pom.xml files

    I have an Eclipse project with a GWT client and a Restlet API. I normally use Maven for dependency management but I havent used it in an Eclipse project where seperate parts have seperate dependencies. For exam...Learn More
  12. Maven For Selenium. Are you new to Automation testing…

    Are you new to Automation testing? Hearing about Maven to build your automation suite but don't know how to use it and how it can help in running automation test. So here is a solution to that. Here will go th...Learn More