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  1. Guide to Spring Cloud Task: Short-Lived Spring Boot Microservices

    Guide to Spring Cloud Task: Short-Lived Spring Boot Microservices Introduction Microservices are being developed all around us nowadays. Many of these services are short-lived. Scheduled tasks, data synchroniza...Learn More
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  2. Spring Cloud Stream with RabbitMQ: Message-Driven Microservices

    Spring Cloud Stream with RabbitMQ: Message-Driven Microservices Overview In this article, we'll introduce you to Spring Cloud Stream, which is a framework for building message-driven microservice applications t...Learn More
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  3. Spring Boot and Flask Microservice Discovery with Netflix Eureka

    Spring Boot and Flask Microservice Discovery with Netflix Eureka Introduction In this guide, we'll be utilizing Netflix Eureka, a microservice discovery service to combine a Spring Boot microservice with a Flas...Learn More
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  4. How to Install Kubernetes Ingress on a Raspberry Pi Cluster

    Setting Up Traefik Installing the Traefik Ingress controller is relatively simple. Note: This is different than the “Kubernetes & Traefik 101” reference. helm install stable/traefik --name --set dashboard.e...Learn More
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  5. How to Configure AWS Route 53

    by Serguey Martinez, Staff Engineer Photo by Procreator UX Design Studio If your architecture is based on microservices it’s a really good idea to buy a domain in Route 53 and make the connections with API ga...Learn More
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  6. A Guide to Serverless Computing with AWS Lambda

    The name ‘Serverless Architecture’ misleadingly implies the server’s magical absence. In serverless computing, a third-party service provider takes responsibility for processes, operating systems and servers. D...Learn More
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  7. Another story about microservices: Hexagonal Architecture

    When you hear stories about the most gigantic projects having a microservice architecture, you are tempted to introduce dozens of tiny applications that would work for you, like house elves, invisible and undem...Learn More
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  8. Developing a fully Serverless Web app

    Developing a fully Serverless Web app Background As many companies tend towards a service oriented architecture, developers will often wonder whether more and more parts of their service could be moved into t...Learn More
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  9. Secure, Efficient Docker-in-Docker with Nestybox

    Docker containers are great at running application micro-services. But can you run Docker itself inside a Docker container? And can you do so securely? This article describes Docker-in-Docker, the use cases fo...Learn More
  10. Distributed Orchestration with Camunda BPM, Part 2

    The term Orchestration in Microservice context might be ambiguous. To get it clearer, I would like to propose the following classification: SOA-like orchestration SOA focuses on remote communication between s...Learn More
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  11. Embarking on a Chaos Engineering Journey

    How to begin thinking about Chaos Engineering “Chaos Engineering is the discipline of experimenting on a system in order to build confidence in the system’s capability to withstand turbulent conditions in pr...Learn More
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  12. Solution Architects Guide to Event-Driven Integration

    Photo by Crystal Kwok on Unsplash As a solution architect, you need to keep an eye on technology trends and decide when is the right time for your organisation to get involved, and I would like to draw your at...Learn More
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