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  1. Beautiful Intelligence

    Mark Rothko used color to paint abysses deep enough to lose yourself in. Prince used his voice to conjure images of raspberry berets and oceans of violets in bloom. Break dancers and ballerinas use the body in ...Learn More
  2. Exceptions From A Software Engineer

    Let’s define an SDE/SE using the following points, and this my understanding and learning so far. GDTRS “A software engineer is the one, who can ‘G’ather requirements, ‘D’evelop, ‘T’est, ‘R’elease and ‘S’uppor...Learn More
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  3. How to Recognize Exclusion in AI

    By Joyce Chou, Oscar Murillo, and Roger Ibars Can artificial intelligence be racist? Well, it depends. Let’s say you’re an African-American student at a school that uses facial recognition software. The school...Learn More
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  4. How We Built Penbook

    Slaven Radic is User Camp’s co-founder and lead developer. I’ve been fascinated with pen computing for 20 years. I wrestled my Apple Newton MessagePad in college, convinced that paper’s days were over. But it ...Learn More
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  5. Operationalizing AI with Databricks, Microsoft and Slalom

    Photo by Photos Hobby on Unsplash In Through the Looking Glass — Lewis Carroll’s sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland — the Red Queen tells Alice, “…here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in t...Learn More
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  6. Designing for Power and Simplicity

    The spectrum of work and ideas that Microsoft Office supports is diverse beyond imagination. That’s not hyperbole; it’s simply what happens when over a billion people use Office across vastly different industr...Learn More
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  7. How to Design Interruptions

    How to Design Interruptions What my ADHD taught me about living in a world of notifications and how to better design them “The scarce resource of the 21st century will not be technology; it will be attention....Learn More
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  8. Inclusive Design Thinking at Microsoft

    Inclusive Design Thinking at Microsoft How an inclusive process creates more accessible and ethical products How radical empathy defines our product ethos If design culture is the spirit of how we design at ...Learn More
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  9. Does .NET 5 Deliver on Its Promises?

    In a year full of unexpected disruptions, you could be excused if you missed Microsoft’s massive milestone. But here were are — as of November 10th, .NET 5 is an official release, replacing both .NET Core and t...Learn More
  10. Iconic Icons: Designing the World of Windows

    Icons of the Future Fast forward to the era of Windows 10 and the concept of the personal computer (the PC, fondly) means something entirely different than it did three decades ago. It’s estimated that there a...Learn More
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  11. Automate Your Linux Deployment Using Azure DevOps

    Configure your Linux server for automation Now, this would be the fun part. Microsoft already did all the heavy lifting with the boring installation things. Now it is our turn to automate things. 1. Make a sc...Learn More
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  12. A Highly Biased Review of C# Changes from Version 1.0 to 9.0

    A Highly Biased Review of C# Changes from Version 1.0 to 9.0 We’ve lived with C# for two decades. How much has it changed? When C# first appeared in the summer of 2000, it was immediately clear that something...Learn More
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