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  1. How to Configure Network Settings in Java

    How to Configure Network Settings in Java Proxies Setting the proxy server and port: System.setProperty("http.proxyHost", "proxy.example.com"); System.setProperty("http.proxyPort", "80"); For an HTTPS proxy, ...Learn More
  2. TensorFlow Neural Network Tutorial

    TensorFlow Neural Network Tutorial TensorFlow is an open-source library for machine learning applications. It's the Google Brain's second generation system, after replacing the close-sourced DistBelief, and is ...Learn More
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  3. Basic Socket Programming in Python

    Basic Socket Programming in Python In general, network services follow the traditional client/server model. One computer acts as a server to provide a certain service and another computer represents the client ...Learn More
  4. Killer Instinct by Savannah Brymer has a NordVPN coupon code!

    Savannah Brymer hosts “Killer Instincts”, a true crime podcast that sheds light on horrific events. She also attempts to bring justice to the many grieving families that these crimes have impacted. Every Wednes...Learn More
  5. How to build Alamofire Network Layer with Protocol-Oriented Programming and Combine

    Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash What is Protocol-Oriented Programming? Protocol-Oriented Programming is a new programming paradigm which is used by Swift. In the Protocol-Oriented approach, we start desig...Learn More
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  6. Community profile: MakeSense

    A few months ago I sat down with my dear friend Christian Vanizette, co-founder of MakeSense. MakeSense is a global community of 40'000+ engaged citizens across the globe working on social change initiatives in...Learn More
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  7. How To Connect Raspberry Pi To Laptop Via WiFi

    Here are the steps to share your PC’s wireless Internet connection with your RPi: Connect the Pi to your computer’s Ethernet port with a standard Ethernet cable Go to “Network Connections” on your Windows PC a...Learn More
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  8. API calls between docker instances

    Running applications in docker can be a good idea. However, it can take some time to configure it properly and you might run into certain issues. When I first used docker locally I couldn’t get multiple instanc...Learn More
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  9. How To Find IP Address Of Raspberry Pi

    Guys & girls, there is nothing easier than finding an IP address of your little computer! Let me quickly describe one of my favorite video lessons here. You sometimes need to find out the MAC address of your R...Learn More
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  10. Hadoop cluster configuration using Ansible

    Ansible Hadoop Ansible No one likes repetitive tasks. With Ansible, IT admins can begin automating away the drudgery from their daily tasks. Automation frees admins up to focus on efforts that help deliver mo...Learn More
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  11. How does the Internet work?

    Let’s imagine for a second to the times before Internet existed. How would two computers communicate with each other? Similar to how people communicated in person before telephones or even mail existed, two com...Learn More
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  12. Capturing container traffic on Kubernetes

    It’s easy to capture network traffic with a capture tool (for example: tcpdump) if we have access to the network interface. But it’s tricky in Kubernetes. There are several options, for example: sidecar contain...Learn More