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  1. Single Page Apps with Vue.js and Flask: Deployment

    Single Page Apps with Vue.js and Flask: Deployment Deployment to a Virtual Private Server Welcome to the seventh and final installment to this multi-part tutorial series on full-stack web development using Vue....Learn More
  2. Kubernetes Ingress with NGINX

    Let’s assume that a service named frontend-svc should be made available under the domain sample-service.example.com . This would require an Ingress resource definition like the following: At the first glance, ...Learn More
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  3. Deploy Spring Boot + Angular app using Docker on Ubuntu(on ec2)

    Image by len_lov This weekend I wanted to deploy a spring boot app + an angular app to an ec2 instance using docker. It is true that aws have their own ecs service to handle containers. But out of curiosity, I...Learn More
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  4. How to use ngrep to debug HTTP headers

    You deploy Django with gunicorn. Your web server communicates with it with proxy_pass (nginx) or with ProxyPass (apache), together with several other directives that pass headers and so on. Your web site doesn’...Learn More
  5. Deploying Laravel applications in AWS Lightsail with a NGINX instance

    Cloning your project According to the bitnami documentation the recommended directory for your Laravel project files is: /opt/bitnami/projects/[your-project-name] Changing the storage directory permission A...Learn More
  6. Automated provisioning and deployments with Ansible, Docker and Bitbucket pipelines.

    Project structure Creating the express app We will start by installing express, nodemon, and dotenv. yarn add express nodemon dotenv Add the following script into package.json "start": "nodemon src/" This...Learn More
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  7. How to fix Django’s HTTPS redirects in nginx

    You deploy with nginx and Gunicorn and your site uses HTTPS. If Django occasionally returns HttpResponseRedirect or similar, you may find that the redirect sends you back to HTTP. Here’s how to fix it. In the ...Learn More
  8. Web App for Healthcare: Case From Practice

    Since the healthcare topic is quite popular now, I decided to share with you our exciting experience in developing a web application for patients. It was a large and severe project which IntexSoft’s (the compan...Learn More
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  9. Let’s Build Microservices Part III

    The need for API Gateway We have three dockerized microservices and a consul server, all running on same machine. When we start them, the services register their IP and hosts to consul service registry. These ...Learn More
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  10. Deploy flask app with Nginx using Gunicorn less than a minute

    Deploy flask app with Nginx using Gunicorn less than a minute Behrad Kazemi ·Nov 14, 2020 Many thanks to Rahul Nayak and Tasnuva Zaman for publishing an awesome article about deploying a flask app using Nginx ...Learn More
  11. How to add on-screen logging to your Flask application and deploy it on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    How to add on-screen logging to your Flask application and deploy it on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Hint: don’t forget to configure the Nginx reverse proxy server At the end of 2019 Deeplearning.ai reported that on...Learn More
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  12. Deploying a Flask App With NGINX Unit

    There are many different ways of installing Unit and they can be seen here. The docker method is one of the most convienient as it only installs what is needed for the application and is easily portable. Unit o...Learn More
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