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  1. Difference between SQL and NoSQL

    **Difference between SQL and NoSQL** Here you will learn about difference between sql and nosql or sql vs nosql. Both are a complete different concept, which could be better understood by the following explanat...Learn More
  2. Taking the Lead on Database Innovation

    By Keshav Murthy Amazon’s announcement last summer of PartiQL, a SQL-compatible query language, further demonstrates the importance SQL still has in data management today. SQL was created and widely adopted mo...Learn More
  3. How to Use Data Transmission Service to the Fullest

    By Shantanu Kaushik Data Transmission Service (DTS) is a fully managed data replication service that supports different modes for different operations. It supports migrations between relational databases, data...Learn More
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  4. Using NoSQL for relational data.. Why do we choose MongoDB as a database…

    Photo by Tobias Fischer on Unsplash sources: MongoDB, DynamoDB, the Internet. When people use the term “NoSQL database”, they typically use it to refer to any non-relational database. Some say the term “NoSQL...Learn More
  5. Ingest data from Apache Kafka into Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API using Kafka Connect

    Ingest data from Apache Kafka into Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API using Kafka Connect This tutorial is based on a practical scenario along with a re-usable Docker Compose setup to help with iterative developmen...Learn More
  6. Let’s talk about trade offs — How to choose the right database for the job — Part 1

    There is no magic when it comes to databases. It would be amazing to find a database that could handle millions of ad-hoc queries every second over petabytes of data and do it without breaking a sweat on a smal...Learn More
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  7. Scylla Summit Training Day 2021

    As successful as our training day was at last year’s user conference, we’re even more excited for our next one. With the virtual format for our upcoming Scylla Summit (January 12th to 14th), our training day wi...Learn More
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  8. How Was HBase Used To Solve Storage Issues In Facebook Messenger?

    HBase Tutorial - Edureka As I have mentioned in my Hadoop Ecosystem blog, HBase is an essential part of our Hadoop ecosystem. So now, I would like to take you through HBase tutorial, where I will introduce you...Learn More
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  9. Amazon DynamoDB Deep Dive. Chapter 2: Tables, Data types, Indexes, Capacity Units

    Welcome back! It has been a long while since I wrote the first chapter of this Deep Dive series, so I will not bother you with a long preface. In this chapter: Tables, Items, Table/Item operations DynamoDB da...Learn More
  10. What the CRUD (with Mongo)

    Photo by Me! This week, I’ve been getting familiar with Mongo, a non-relational database. As will all databases, the things that I were interested in included CRUD which stand for Create, Read, Update, and Del...Learn More
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  11. Can I Do SQL-Style Joins in Elasticsearch?

    Elasticsearch is an open-source, distributed JSON-based search and analytics engine built using Apache Lucene with the purpose of providing fast real-time search functionality. It is a NoSQL data store that is ...Learn More
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  12. Adventures in building a performance model for a database

    by Avishai Ish Shalom Sizing is something that seems deceptively simple: take the size of your dataset and the required throughput and divide by the capacity of a node. Easy, isn’t it? If you’ve ever tried yo...Learn More
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