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  1. Configure Notepad++ to Run C, C++ and Java Programs

    **Configure Notepad++ to Run C, C++ and Java Programs** In this tutorial I will tell you about how to configure notepad++ to run C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc. programs. Notepad++ is a popular and free ...Learn More
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  2. Is there a feature to add some vertical space to the bottom or scroll below last line?

    Whenever I'm doing some coding in Notepad++ i need to add some lines at the bottom so if i scroll down, the code doesn't stop at the bottom at the window. The problem is that I sometimes forget to take out the ...Learn More
  3. Getting NppExec to understand path of the current file in Notepad++ (for Python scripts)

    Using windows for the first time in quite awhile and have picked up notepad++ and am using the nppexec plugin to run python scripts. However, I noticed that notepad++ doesn't pick up the directory that my scrip...Learn More
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  4. Python correctness (i.e., lint) analyzing for Notepad++

    Does anyone know of anything like pylint or pychecker for notepad++? Or perhaps how to use pylint in notepad++....Learn More
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  5. hotkey to navigate forward

    is there hotkey doing navigate forward ? (like CTRL+ - in VS2008) I was not able to find it at the 'setting -> shortcut mapper' notepad++ is very good software, i believe notepad++ have the function ...Learn More
  6. Character Encoding, UTF or ANSI?

    I'm using Eclipse in Ubuntu to edit PHP files. But, unfortunately, some of these PHP files were created in Notepad++ in Windows XP, with ANSI encoding defined. Also, these files generates HTML codes with char...Learn More
  7. how to configure the hotkey of notepad++ for python?

    hi I am using notepad++ for python. I want a hotkey that will run my python script at the path of the script instead of the path of notepad++. Besides, at the end of process, i want it to show "press any key to...Learn More
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  8. GIT core.editor setup on windows along w application PATH reference

    so i wehnt ahead and opened up my .gitconfig file and manually input the [core] editor = 'C:/Program Files/Notepad++/notepad++.exe' which would allow me to execute command: (im trying to setup my .gitigno...Learn More
  9. Remove all lines that don't match regex in Notepad++

    I have a range of files of a specific format. I have pasted an example here. ---------------------------------------------- Attempting to factor n = 160000000000110400000000018963... Found a factor: 40000000000...Learn More
  10. notepad++ run selected code in python console seamlessly

    I often use R to analyze data, and really enjoy Notepad++ along with NppToR. Especially, NppToR enables to run a part of code without much hassle. I just highlight a snippet of R code to run and press F8. Then ...Learn More
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  11. Python: Stop Auto Exiting Cmd Prompt

    So I just started learning Python and just now set up my Notepad++ to run it via cmd prompt. Is there a simple way to stop my cmd prompt from auto-exiting when I run a simple program? Do I need to ask for input...Learn More
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  12. Need to replace some token in a file with the name of the file

    In a list of textfiles I need to replace a token with the name of the file. Is there an easy way to do this? The prefered tool for me would be notepad++, but grep, python, powershell or other other ways are al...Learn More
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