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  1. Advanced OpenGL in Python with PyGame and PyOpenGL

    Advanced OpenGL in Python with PyGame and PyOpenGL Introduction Following the previous article, Understanding OpenGL through Python where we've set the foundation for further learning, we can jump into OpenGL u...Learn More
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  2. Brief Introduction to OpenGL in Python with PyOpenGL

    Brief Introduction to OpenGL in Python with PyOpenGL Introduction In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to use PyOpenGL library in Python. OpenGL is a graphics library which is supported by multiple platfo...Learn More
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  3. Understanding OpenGL through Python

    Understanding OpenGL through Python Introduction Following this article by Muhammad Junaid Khalid, where basic OpenGL concepts and setup was explained, now we'll be looking at how to make more complex objects a...Learn More
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  4. Get Data from OpenGL glReadPixels(using Pyglet)

    I'm using Pyglet(and OpenGL) in Python on an application, I'm trying to use glReadPixels to get the RGBA values for a set of pixels. It's my understanding that OpenGL returns the data as packed integers, since...Learn More
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  5. Where can I find sample code on mouse movements and polygon spins in OpenGL?

    Where can I find sample code on mouse movements and polygon spins in OpenGL? I am using Java, so sample code in Java is preferred. ...Learn More
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  6. Proper way to scale an SDL Surface without clipping?

    what is the proper way to scale an SDL Surface? I found one explanation online but it required redrawing the Surface pixel by pixel. It seems like there should be some way of doing this natively through SDL rat...Learn More
  7. Using ctypes.c_void_p as an input to glTexImage2D?

    I'm using a 3rd party DLL to load in some raw image data, and I want to use this raw image data as a texture in openGL. However, the c function returns a void*, and I need to somehow convert this so it will wo...Learn More
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  8. C++ Operator Ambiguity

    Forgive me, for I am fairly new to C++, but I am having some trouble regarding operator ambiguity. I think it is compiler-specific, for the code compiled on my desktop. However, it fails to compile on my laptop...Learn More
  9. OpenGL performance difference on Linux and WindowsXP

    I've noticed that a OpenGL app I've been working on has significant performance difference when run on Linux vs WindowsXP. Granted, there are a lot of textures and shadow buffers but I would estimate that the ...Learn More
  10. How to generate Winamp-Style visualization effects with openGL? (Milkdrop, etc)

    I'm trying to create an animated ambient abstract background for my game. I'm picturing something very similar to what Winamp has when you turn on it's visualization plug-in. Here's a link to some screenshots...Learn More
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  11. OpenGL in Python with Snow Leopard?

    I'm interested in playing around with OpenGL in Python. I've used OpenGL in C++ and Objective-C, but I don't have much experience in Python. I'm wondering if there's a good tutorial that works in Snow Leopard. ...Learn More
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  12. pygst - glimagesink callback

    I'm trying to use 'glimagesink' element with python. The element (which is GObject inside) has client-draw-callback property which should (in C++ at least) contain a function (bool func(uint t, uint w, uint h))...Learn More
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