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  1. PL/SQL Online Compiler – Run Oracle PL/SQL Programs Online

    **PL/SQL Online Compiler – Run Oracle PL/SQL Programs Online** In this tutorial you will learn about pl/sql online compiler that will let you run pl/sql programs online. Few days back I was writing plsql progra...Learn More
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  2. Difference Between MySQL and ORACLE

    **Difference Between MySQL and ORACLE** Here you will get to know about difference between mysql and oracle database. Both MySQL and Oracle are popular relational database management software developed by Oracl...Learn More
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  3. Oracle EF Core 3.1 Production Release

    I’m happy to announce Oracle Entity Framework Core 3.1 production release is now available. Download it for free from NuGet Gallery. Thanks to the community for feedback during the beta phase. Your comments an...Learn More
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  4. I Installed Oracle SQL Developer, Now What?

    You did it! You landed the big interview*. Tomorrow is the big day. There’s just one problem: they expect you to know what a database looks like, and how to write SQL. No worries, you tell yourself, I’ll just ...Learn More
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  5. PL/SQL Code Coverage: 12 Things Developers Will Love About Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Part 12

    We’ve covered a lot of new functionality in this series. Some if it you’ll use straight away. Other bits you’ll wait a while. In any case, when you upgrade to 12.2 you’ll want to test all your code to ensure i...Learn More
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  6. Your Own Way — Oracle JDBC drivers on Maven Central

    Get The JDBC Artifacts Your Own Way The core Oracle JDBC drivers jar i.e., ojdbc8.jar can be used in isolation. However, depending on the use cases, such as connection pooling, high availability, connectivity ...Learn More
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  7. Improve Oracle database performance — Rules of Thumb, Part 2

    In today’s article, we continue to discuss some more thumb rules that are generally applicable in SQL development. These guidelines remain the same, no matter what the underlying DBMS is. Here, we will talk ab...Learn More
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  8. A Dynamic Authenticator for Oracle Databases

    Developed in Rust, October 2020 In this article, I will describe the Dynamic Authenticator for Oracle databases (Dynamic Authenticator for short), a personal application that I developed using the Rust program...Learn More
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