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  1. Guide to JPA with Hibernate - Inheritance Mapping

    Guide to JPA with Hibernate - Inheritance Mapping Introduction In this article, we'll dive into Inheritance Mapping with JPA and Hibernate in Java. The Java Persistence API (JPA) is the persistence standard of ...Learn More
  2. Guide to JPA with Hibernate - Basic Mapping

    Guide to JPA with Hibernate - Basic Mapping Introduction The Java Persistence API (JPA) is the persistence standard of the Java ecosystem. It allows us to map our domain model directly to the database structure...Learn More
  3. Using Sequelize ORM with Node.js and Express

    Using Sequelize ORM with Node.js and Express Introduction Sequelize is a popular ORM created for Node.js, and in this tutorial we'll be using it to build a CRUD API to manage notes. Interacting with databases i...Learn More
  4. Bookshelf.js: A Node.js ORM

    Bookshelf.js: A Node.js ORM One of the most common resources you'll interact with in a language like Node.js (primarily a web-focused language) are databases. And with SQL being the most common of all the diffe...Learn More
  5. Grouping django objects using QuerySet API by shared text tags using two models with ForeignKey relationship

    Hi I am trying to write a django webapp that sits on top of a legacy database and so I cannot control too much my model fields and achieve functionality using new models. I have many Documents with user given c...Learn More
  6. Select values which not in another table with Django

    How this SQL query can be translated to Django ORM statement? SELECT field1, field2, field3 FROM table1 WHERE field1 NOT IN (SELECT 2_field1 FROM table2); Kindly help! :) ps table1 and table2 not bounded with...Learn More
  7. sqlalchemy event on column update

    I registered an event at updating for apply some rules after or just before update. from sqlalchemy import create_engine from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker from sqlalchemy import event from sqlal...Learn More
  8. In Fluent NHibernate how do you combine automapped types with non-automapped types?

    Right now, I'm switching my project over from the classic fluent nhibernate style of manually defining a ClassMap for each domain entity, to having the auto-mapper auto-generate the mappings for me. But I'd li...Learn More
  9. Django long running task - Database consistancy

    I have a task running in a thread that will save its input-data after quite some while. Django typically saves the whole object which can have changed in the meantime. I also don't want to run the transaction t...Learn More
  10. How is lazy evaluation implemented (in ORMs for example)

    Im curious to know how lazy evaluation is implemented at higher levels, ie in libraries, etc. For example, how does the Django ORM or ActiveRecord defer evaluation of query until it is actually used?...Learn More
  11. web api controllers accept POCO or generic data

    I am new with ASP.NET Web API and have been researching this for some time now. Admittedly, I have decision paralysis. I want to make a REST-like API for a system with about 250 tables in the database. It's bas...Learn More
  12. Grouping by a ForeignKey, and ForeignKeys that are another 'step' away

    In Django, I have an app with models like this: class Artist(models.Model): name = models.CharField() class Song(models.Model): artist = models.ForeignKey(Artist) title = models.CharField() class ...Learn More