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  1. Generating PDF Files in Node.js with PDFKit

    Generating PDF Files in Node.js with PDFKit Introduction The PDF format is one of the most common document formats for transferring information. In dynamic web applications, you might need to export data into a...Learn More
  2. Writing metadata to a pdf using pyobjc

    I'm trying to write metadata to a pdf file using the following python code: from Foundation import * from Quartz import * url = NSURL.fileURLWithPath_("test.pdf") pdfdoc = PDFDocument.alloc().initWithURL_(url)...Learn More
  3. Why does PDFKit/wkhtmltopdf hang but renders PDF as expected when Rails app is killed?

    Background After reading around it seemed to me that Prawn is out and wkhtmltopdf is in. It also seems like the PDFKit and wicked_pdf gems for Rails are the new cool. So I found a screencast by Ryan on how to u...Learn More
  4. How do I pass multiple StringIO into python-pdfkit?

    Goal: - Use django templateing language. - Render the template in memory (no disk writes). - Push rendered content to StringIO instance. - Use instance in python-pdfkit. Issue: I keep getting TypeError: coerci...Learn More
  5. PDFKit generate pdf in python

    I need to generate PDF from html tables, and was looking for a library that allows to take html tables with full CSS and make pdf. I'm trying to do this with PDFKit. I installed and I tested some simple example...Learn More
  6. PDFkit ignore footer?

    I have installed the PDFKit gem within my app and if i call .pdf on any of my urls it generates a pdf version of the page. config.middleware.use PDFKit::Middleware, :page_size => 'A4', :margin_t...Learn More
  7. pdfkit not converting image to pdf

    I am using PDFkit with python to convert an html page to pdf. In the html there is only one image tag in body with src pointing to a complete url like: <html> <body style="margin: 0px;"...Learn More
  8. Rails generate PDF from html

    I'm facing some problems to generate PDF from html with Rails. I tried to use PDFKit and Wicked_PDF gems, with both I had a problem with page break, they break inside a <tr>. Let me show you what I'm doin...Learn More