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  1. With Powershell quickly growing in popularity, is there any reason to learn VBScript?

    This is more a general question than anything. I know that VBScript and Powershell can do a lot of the same things and each does things the other can't, but I'm wondering if there's any reason to still learn V...Learn More
  2. PowerShell InitializeDefaultDrive

    In my custom powershell provider I want the user to be able to skip the internal call to InitializeDefaultDrives. The InitializeDefaultDrives method is called when the provider starts. I guess this is when I u...Learn More
  3. Is there a function pointer or array of functions in PowerShell?

    I would like to do something like this. Index into an array of functions and apply the appropriate function for the desired loop index. for ($i = 0; $i -lt 9; $i++) { $Fields[$i] = $Fields[$i] | $($Function...Learn More
  4. Update configSource of XML element in web.config using Powershell by passing in Parameters

    I am trying to figure out a way to update my web.config for different environments by updating the configSource for the appSettings element in the web.config. Here are the way I know how to do it. $xml.get_D...Learn More
  5. How to tell PowerShell to wait for each command to end before starting the next?

    I have a PowerShell 1.0 script to just open a bunch of applications. The first is a virtual machine and the others are development applications. I want the virtual machine to finish booting before the rest of ...Learn More
  6. exchange powershell : parsing an array boolean value

    In my output, I get @{ActiveSyncEnabled=False} how do I parse this so that it just says "False"? the output is coming from this line of code: $pda = get-casmailbox -Anr $user.displayname | select activesyncen...Learn More
  7. Exec sproc from Powershell

    I would like to execute a stored procedure from Powershell (v2) against a SQL Server 2008 database. Coming from using C# as my primary language, I'm doing it in that fashion. For example, when I need to run a s...Learn More
  8. Why would I choose Powershell over WMI to develop management interfaces?

    We are discussing development of an improved management infrastructure for our distributed system. We use COM, web services and .NET components. Since we're based on Microsoft Windows Server XP/2003, I guess, w...Learn More
  9. PowerShell Runspace vs DLR

    With the .NET 4.0 beta now available, and thus the wider availability of the .NET Dynamic Language Runtime, I guess these kinds of topics are going to become "hotter". I'm confused about the conceptual diffe...Learn More
  10. How to Enhance Your Windows Batch Files by Adding GUI

    How to Enhance Your Windows Batch Files by Adding GUI Let’s modernize your old-fashioned Windows batch files with the help of PowerShell and .NET Photo by Bahman Adlou on Unsplash We normally use Bash script...Learn More
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  11. Apple DMG files over FTP are getting corrupted why?

    I am trying to FTP some apple DMG files, if we do it by hand through Safari or IE it ends up at the destination just fine and uncorrupted. However, if I use a freeware FTP client that we had been using with gre...Learn More
  12. How to monitor Windows Dialog?

    I am looking for a way to monitor Windows dialog during a MSI deployment. Here is my situation: we have machines deploying daily MSIs and once in a while, one of them fail and shows a Windows dialog with an err...Learn More