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  1. PL/SQL Procedure

    PL/SQL Procedure A subprogram is a module or a small unit/part of a program that performs a particular task. In modular programming, a program can optionally consist of multiple subprograms. Note: A schema le...Learn More
  2. Difference between Function and Procedure

    **Difference between Function and Procedure** Procedure: In computer programming a specific set of instructions together called a procedure. Depending on the programming language it can be called as subroutine,...Learn More
  3. I'm trying to make a Python procedure that converts binary numbers to decimal numbers

    I'm trying to create a procedure out of the following code in Python: print "Program for Binary to Decimal Conversion" dec = 0`enter code here` bin = 0 factor = 1; print "Enter Binary Number:", bin = input() w...Learn More
  4. Correct way to destroy a form and show another in Delphi

    Currently in my program I have a Startup form, and a Main form. The startup form shows for a second or two. Right now, I have the following code within a timer: frmStartup.Destroy; frmMain := TfrmMain.Crea...Learn More
  5. Declaring and setting variables to test difference between SP and query

    I am trying to solve another problem here. I was told by a member that in order to find an answer to my problem I needed to change the query to match the SP. In order to do that I was told to declare variables ...Learn More
  6. SQL making a procedure out of a view

    This is a SQL view that shows how many books are in the same shelf as the book with the ID '2'. Is there a simple way to turn this into a procedure where you can input the book ID, instead of the ID being '2' b...Learn More
  7. Delphi: One procedure to change all the fields of a record?

    I have a record like this: Tcustomer=record Name: string; IDNumber: Integer; IsMarried: boolean; end; And I have a TCustomers_Manager class that stores a list of all the customers. Is it possible to have...Learn More
  8. How to make a fake socket object from file or string in python?

    I try to use pypy 2.5.1 replace python 2.7: I used mechanize 0.2.5 package for pypy: The problem is on /mechanize/_ulib2_fork.py line 70 try: socket._fileobject("fake socket", close=True) except TypeError: ...Learn More
  9. How to return a MySQL procedure as a trigger?

    I'm new to MySQL procedures. I need to emulate some code that I usually do with PLpgSQL, something like this: DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS "aprtr_controlo_tabelas_ins_upd" () CASCADE; CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION "apr...Learn More
  10. When value of a column changes in one table , a record should be inserted in other table in oracle DB

    I want a SQL procedure / function to solve the below mentioned problem: I have 2 tables - Table A and table B. Table A has 3 columns - name, number and flag. Table B has 2 columns - name and number. When a...Learn More
  11. ORACLE - Exporting Procedures / Packages to a file

    I would like to programmatically export my Procedures / Functions and Packages into individual files (as a backup) and using Oracle 9.2. The closest solution i found was using DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL , but how ...Learn More
  12. How to split a phrase into words in pascal?

    I have to create a program that splits phrases (with special characters such as % and $) into words using a procedure in pascal. So if i enter: This is a valid word: 12$%ab The program must return me: This is ...Learn More