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  1. Remo Repair PSD Review

    **Remo Repair PSD Review** If you’re a frequent user of Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe PhotoDeluxe, you must have encountered corrupted or compressed or damaged PSD and PDD files that wipe away all the hardships you’...Learn More
  2. Best Free PSD Mockups from Trusted Sources

    Creating PSD files requires technique and versatility, but, at the same time, they allow you to create original and unique compositions. However, not all PSD files are the same. A PSD is a Photoshop design file...Learn More
  3. Editing Photoshop PSD text layers programmatically

    I have a multi-layered PSD, with one specific layer being non-rasterized text. I'm trying to figure out a way I can, from a bash/perl/python/whatever-else program: load the PSD edit the text in said layer fl...Learn More
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  4. psd Image creation with layer properties using CGImageRef

    Working in Mac OSX, Cocoa I have an psd image with layered property. I want to crop it to the crop rect and save this cropped image with the settings of original image. I am using CGImageRef for all the image r...Learn More
  5. Is the maximum PSD frequency bin returned by matplotlib wrong?

    I am trying to understand the frequency bins returned by the matplotlib.mlab.psd() function. Using the following code I can inspect the frequencies which are returned and I'm not convinced they are correct. ...Learn More
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  6. How to Convert PSD into PNG, using Python Wand / ImageMagick?

    I tried converting PSD to PNG, but as I save the PNG, Wand (wand-0.4.0-py2.7) spits out all layers inside the PSD as separate PNG files (the last file saved is the one I want). So how to correctly convert from ...Learn More
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  7. GurobiError: Q matrix is not positive semi-definite (PSD)

    I need to program a model in python to solve it with gurobi. The model contains a square root: Σ(hza*√(SI+T-R)) (this is the objective function) Because Gurobi doesn't support square roots I transformed the obj...Learn More
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  8. Bringing the image in front of background?

    I am using css positioning to set the position of an image above the header background. but it isn't working. Here is the psd image of what i want to achieve: Note:- Here in the image i am talking about the...Learn More
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  9. How to read Adobe Photoshop files, and grab the layer names/group names?

    Ok so I have been browsing and looking all over the place for a suitable answer to my dilemma and so far I have only found 1/2 a solution. Which is here : http://www.graphicsmill.com/photoshop-psd My question ...Learn More