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  1. Introduction to the Python Pyramid Framework

    Introduction to the Python Pyramid Framework Introduction In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to use the Pyramid framework in Python. It is an open source web development framework which uses the Model-V...Learn More
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  2. Pyramid Explained

    Pyramid Explained What is Pyramid Pyramid is a Python web framework created from the combination of Pylons and repoze.bfg, resulting in a flexible, easy to use framework. Pyramid puts much of its focus in being...Learn More
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  3. Should I use Pylons or Pyramid?

    I was planning to move from Django to Pylons, but then I bumped into Pyramid. What are the differences between Pylons and Pyramid? I read some text in PylonsBook, which currently covers Pylons 0.9.7, and wond...Learn More
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  4. Using Mako with Pyramid causes an error

    When trying to use Mako with the Pyramid framework, by going into the development.ini file, and adding the line mako.directories = TestProject:templates in: [app:TestProject] and then creating a simple html...Learn More
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  5. creating virtualenv error message

    The pyramid documentation says: "It is best practice to install Pyramid into a 'virtual' Python environment in order to obtain isolation from any 'system' packages you’ve got installed in your Python version" ...Learn More
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  6. How to correctly include javascript code in chameleon/zpt template (pyramid)?

    I'm trying to embed some code between <script> </script> tags, pyramid however doesn't like it and gives me ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token) Probably because i have && in my code. I tr...Learn More
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  7. Python Pyramid & Chameleon templating language escapes html

    I can't make sense of chameleon's tags. I'm a django user, but decided to introduce my CompSci course mates and myself to Pyramid, since I though more lightweight = easier to learn. At the moment the ${} tag i...Learn More
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  8. Python pyramid - How to use checkboxes and radio buttons

    I've been trying to make a form with checkboxes and radio button using Pyramid framework but I can't figure out how to do it properly. I'm using the pyramid_simpleform. So far I've been able to put my checkboxe...Learn More
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  9. How can I redirect after POST in Pyramid?

    I'm trying to have my form submit to a route which will validate the data then redirect back to the original route. For example: User loads the page website.com/post Form POSTs the data to website.com/post-sav...Learn More
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  10. Pyramid and Chameleon ZPT

    I'm new to web development and am trying to make a simple webpage in python using Pyramid. I've run into a bit of a snag though when it comes to making template files using Chameleon. What I'm trying to do righ...Learn More
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  11. Upgrading Pyramid/SQLAlchemy web apps

    I've got a standard run of the mill Pylons Pyramid application, that uses SQLAlchemy for its database persistence. I have set up an SQLAlchemy-migrate repo and have it functioning, but I really want to have the...Learn More
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  12. Running scripts within Pyramid framework (ie without a server)

    I have a fair bit of experience with PHP frameworks and Python for scripting so am now taking the step to Pyramid. I'd like to know what is the 'correct' way to run a script in Pyramid. That is, how should I se...Learn More
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