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  1. context menu "Open with IDLE" for Python .py files blown away

    Somehow managed to blow this away, and can't figure out how to get it back Tried un- and re-installing Python 3, but that didn't do it. Any ideas??...Learn More
  2. Ruby Equivalent of Python "_"

    In Python, you can use the _ field to grab the last computed value. That's really useful in IDLE. Does Ruby have an equivalent for IRB? An example from Python: >>> 2 + 2 4 >>&...Learn More
  3. Python IDLE: Run main?

    I'm in IDLE: >>> import mymodule >>> # ??? After importing a module with: if __name__ == '__main__': doStuff() How do I actually call main from IDLE?...Learn More
  4. Python shell is restarted every time when a new module is run

    I use Python 3.1 inside Windows XP and when I try to use more than one module at the same time, the Python shell restarts. What can I do? This is my module benutzer.py: class Benutzer(object): def __init__(...Learn More
  5. method call problem with Python

    So I'm learning python, and I seem to be having a consistent problem with calling setText() methods on Text objects. The process works fine when I'm in the interactive IDLE GUI, but when I save modules and then...Learn More
  6. Python: Networked IDLE/Redo IDLE front-end while using the same back-end?

    Is there any existing web app that lets multiple users work with an interactive IDLE type session at once? Something like: IDLE 2.6.4 Morgan: >>> letters = list("abcdefg") Morgan: >&...Learn More
  7. Does code written in IronPython work in IDLE

    I am trying to choose an IDE for Python. I like IronPython and want to inquire if the code written in IronPython can run in a normal Python shell like IDLE...Learn More
  8. Reload Method or Object in IDLE

    when using idle, I know you can reload a module if it's changed like this: import foo reload(foo) if I only import part of a module, is there a way to reload it in a similar matter? from foo import bar ...Learn More
  9. IDLE wont start Python 2.6.5

    I was using it as my primary text editor for quite sometime. However, one day it just stopped working. This had happened to me several times before, so I simply tried to end all procceses using windows task man...Learn More
  10. Any way to clear python's IDLE window?

    I know there's a similar topic about python console, but I do not know if they are the same. I tried system("clear") and it didn't work here. How do I clear python's IDLE window?...Learn More
  11. How can I interact with rather long python scripts?

    I love the IDLE. However, sometimes I have 100-200 line scripts and I want to sort of interactively debug/play with say, functions defined in foo.py instead of just calling python foo.py. Is there a way I can t...Learn More
  12. process_file(sys.argv[1]) IndexError: list index out of range

    This is the code I am working with that comes from Practical Programming: import sys def process_file(filename): '''Open, read, and print a file.''' input_file = open(filename, "r") for line in input_file...Learn More