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  1. Course Review: The Complete React Native and Redux Course

    **Course Review: The Complete React Native and Redux Course** Have you wanted to learn React Native for a while and been wondering what online course or tutorial to take? Have you been working with JavaScript, ...Learn More
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  2. How to Align Images in React Native

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Introduction Aligning images properly is important in mobile app development because it helps create a visually pleasing and user-friendly interface. A well-aligned inte...Learn More
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  3. Get Started with React Navigation 5 in React Native

    Navigator Components There are 3 main navigators that React Navigation comes bundled with, that are suitable for both iOS and Android based projects. These navigators and their respective packages are as follo...Learn More
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  4. Cypress and Mobile Apps?. Cypress.io + React Native Web + Pareto…

    What mobile app testing feels like. Ow. (Pen and paper? Seriously? :) ) Photo by freestocks on Unsplash It is tricky to set up automated testing of mobile apps. Maybe you’re on a small project and your Jest + ...Learn More
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  5. Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin for Cross Platform Development

    Cross platform app development frameworks allow you to run the same code on different operating systems. In this article, we examine why you might choose developing cross platform mobile apps over native develo...Learn More
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  6. Building a maintainable Icon System for React and React Native

    I created a repository from which I extracted the following snippets. If you want to skip the explanation and jump into the code, you can use this link: Time to code 👨‍💻 Let’s start! So let’s start a clean...Learn More
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  7. How the React Reconciliation Algorithm Works

    What Is So Hard About Drawing Some Buttons? When developing with React, it is easy to forget (or not know at all) the imperative way of creating and managing the UI. As an analogy, React lets you “describe” th...Learn More
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  8. Setting Focus For Accessibility In React Native

    Attempt 1: useRef() If you have a functional component, you might reach for useRef() like you would in React… However, you might be surprised when your attempt doesn’t work. import React, { useRef } from 'rea...Learn More
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  9. E2E Testing React Native with Detox + Screenshots

    Note: This tutorial uses create-react-native-app and Expo, but the approach will work on any react-native app. Wouldn’t it be nice to run your app through its paces without having to manually tap through all t...Learn More
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  10. Cross-platform mobile apps development in 2021: Xamarin vs React Native vs Flutter vs Kotlin Multiplatform

    Cross-platform mobile apps development in 2021: Xamarin vs React Native vs Flutter vs Kotlin Multiplatform Yevhenii Kanivets Follow Dec 28 · 7 min read Let’s make things clear from the beginning. There is no w...Learn More
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  11. ReactNative: Translucent TabBar

    If you are an iOS user or developer, probably you have experienced that some applications have blurred translucent TabBar, like in the AppStore, Podcasts, Health, etc. I want to bring light on how to make it i...Learn More
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  12. Integrating Firebase with React Native (iOS and Android)

    Have you ever had that moment while development when you can not or don’t want to work with the back-end to do stuff like deepLinking, authentication, database or etc? That is when Firebase comes in! Beside th...Learn More
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