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  1. Reactive Programming with Spring 5 WebFlux

    Reactive Programming with Spring 5 WebFlux Introduction Spring WebFlux is Spring's response to the rising issue of blocking I/O architecture. As data is becoming more and more crucial in our age, the approaches...Learn More
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  2. Contrasting F# and Elm’s record types

    Having spent some time this week with Elm I have seen plenty of things to make me like it, a more in-depth review of my experience with Elm so far is in the works but for now I want to talk about Elm’s record t...Learn More
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  3. Spring Webflux: EventLoop vs Thread per Request Model

    Spring Webflux Introduction Spring Webflux has been introduced as part of Spring 5 and with this it started to support Reactive Programming. It uses an asynchronous programming model. Use of reactive programmi...Learn More
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  4. Android w/o DI

    Going Reactive First, we need to replace the DI frameworks with another way of communicating between our ViewModels and our Actors. My solutions have always landed on a reactive stream of some kind. It forces ...Learn More
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  5. Kotlin in Xcode? Swift in Android Studio?

    Mobile development has aspired toward “write once, run anywhere” since the earliest days of Java. When iPhone first launched, we saw companies like Facebook try to implement a generalized, WebView-based approac...Learn More
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  6. 🌊 StateFlow, End of LiveData?

    To manage state in Android we generally used Android Arch. component’s LiveData which is lifecycle-aware. We can replace it with StateFlow. Let’s see how to use it with Android. Let’s write some code! ⚡️ Getti...Learn More
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  7. Basic Introduction to Spring WebFlux

    Annotated Spring WebFlux RestController Here is an example of an annotated Spring WebFlux Controller: Spring WebFlux Controller Example @RestController @RequestMapping("api /v1/room/reservation/ ") public ...Learn More
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  8. Hot vs Cold Reactive Streams

    Let’s suppose there is a producer that produces integers 1 to 10. Now, a subscriber will subscribe and request for data. The publisher starts sending data through onNext() event. PubSub example for Hot/Cold ...Learn More
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  9. JUnit: testing API with WebTestClient

    For the sake of getting straight to the point, we will assume followings, so that we can look directly into testing. We have a RestController with two get mappings. ‘/flux’ returns Flux in default media type —...Learn More
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  10. Vue 3 Reactive State Management

    Update 6/14/21 — I am now slowly working on open sourcing this project. You can follow along (if the videos are still up) at Twitch @ jsonberry When it’s ready it’ll be in NPM as state-sink Introduction Sup n...Learn More
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