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  1. Python equivalent of pointers

    In python everything works by reference: >>> a = 1 >>> d = {'a':a} >>> d['a'] 1 >>> a = 2 >>> d['a'] 1 I...Learn More
  2. What is a good way to think about C++ references?

    I've been programming C, mainly in an embedded environment, for years now and have a perfectly good mental model of pointers - I don't have to explicitly think about how to use them, am 100% comfortable with po...Learn More
  3. How to overcome same type in two namespaces, System.Linq.Expressions.Expression<TDelegate>?

    I am defining some Expression variables in my app and need to have a reference to Microsoft.Scripting.Core. That assembly includes the same namespace as the System.Core assembly from the main .Net framework. I...Learn More
  4. Uses for Wolfram Alpha in programming

    Now that Wolfram Alpha is released, I am interested in finding out if it can be used as a time-saver in daily programming. What would you use Wolfram Alpha to do, that earlier took you more time to do manually...Learn More
  5. Types for which "is" keyword may be equivalent to equality operator in Python

    For some types in Python, the is operator seems to be equivalent to the == operator. For example: &gt;&gt;&gt; 1 is 1 True &gt;&gt;&gt; "a spoon" is "a spoon" True &gt;&gt;&...Learn More
  6. Php By Reference

    Can someone please explain what the "&" does in the following: class TEST { } $abc =&amp; new TEST(); I know it is by reference. But can someone illustrate why and when I would need such a thing? Or ...Learn More
  7. Version independent reference dependencies in managed class libraries

    I'm working on an appender for log4net and I'm faced with the problem of how to manage dependencies on the log4net version my class library is built against vs. the actual version deployed on the site. My class...Learn More
  8. Pointer vs. Reference

    What would be better practice when giving a function the original variable to work with: unsigned long x = 4; void func1(unsigned long&amp; val) { val = 5; } func1(x); or: void func2(unsi...Learn More
  9. Handy F# snippets

    There are already two questions about F#/functional snippets. However what I'm looking for here are useful snippets, little 'helper' functions that are reusable. Or obscure but nifty patterns that you can never...Learn More
  10. Colour Psychology Quick Reference Cards

    Show me the green, because I’m down and feeling blue. If you do, I will be in the pink. If you don’t — either because of that streak of yellow down your back or because of your black heart — I’ll see red. And b...Learn More
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  11. Pointers in Python on variables with None value

    I have a method that creates a new node in a tree - either left or right. If the value is lower than my current value it is inserted on the left, otherwise on the right side. I want to refactor this code, so th...Learn More
  12. An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property?

    I know this is probably a very newbish question, so I apologize. I am trying to access the Text property of a label on Form1 from another form, MaxScore. When I click the Ok button on MaxScore, I want to set Fo...Learn More