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  1. Introduction to Reinforcement Learning with Python

    Introduction to Reinforcement Learning with Python Introduction Reinforcement Learning is definitely one of the most active and stimulating areas of research in AI. The interest in this field grew exponentially...Learn More
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  2. Reinforcement learning with Skinner

    Reinforcement learning with Skinner A friendly introduction to the problem of reinforcement learning with examples from neuroscience Reinforcement learning has entered the spotlight recently with accomplishme...Learn More
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  3. Mario’s Gym Routine

    Can you teach an old dog new tricks? A bit over a year ago, I saw a video of a Python program which was able to train a machine to play and win a game of Atari’s Pong through a process known as Reinforcement L...Learn More
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  4. Game Level Design with Reinforcement Learning

    Game Level Design with Reinforcement Learning Overview of the paper “PCGRL: Procedural Content Generation via Reinforcement Learning” by A. Khalifa et al. Procedural Content Generation (or PCG) is a method of...Learn More
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  5. Navigating Into the World of Machine Learning

    With the rapid expansion of Machine Learning as a field of research, it’s not easy to keep up with everything that is being invented and discovered. I have created a graph that will make the distinction of the...Learn More
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  6. What are the Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning

    What is Reinforcement Learning? Reinforcement learning consists of an agent interacting with the environment and learning from trial and error — the agent is the learner. The environment is anything that the a...Learn More
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  7. Reinforcement learning and reasoning

    Reinforcement learning has seen a lot of progress in recent years. From DeepMind success with teaching machines how to play Atari games, then AlphaGo beating world champions in Go to recent OpenAI’s progress on...Learn More
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  8. Reinforcement Learning & Sushi Go!

    Reinforcement Learning & Sushi Go! Use Reinforcement Learning algorithm to solve the popular card drafting game Sushi Go! Reinforcement learning is an area of machine learning concerned with how an agent take...Learn More
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  9. On Choosing a Deep Reinforcement Learning Library

    Criteria In order to choose the library, we defined some criteria that we found the most important: State of the art RL algorithms implemented implemented Good documentation /tutorials and examples /tutoria...Learn More
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  10. Implementation of Upper Confidence Bound Algorithm

    I know these might look confusing to you but let’s make it simpler! This weekend I was very bored and went to my friend ( Nilesh ) home. After some chit-chat, we planned to watch a movie together. But the prob...Learn More
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  11. Deep Reinforcement Learning and Monte Carlo Tree Search With Connect 4

    In the previous article I wrote about how to implement a reinforcement learning agent for a Tic-tac-toe game using TD(0) algorithm. I implemented 2 kinds of agents. The first is a tabular reinforcement learning...Learn More
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  12. How AI Techniques Made Me a Better Parent for Our Toddler

    How AI Techniques Made Me a Better Parent for Our Toddler I used the knowledge and wisdom I gained from my work in Artificial Intelligence to understand and teach my two-year-old son more effectively and regai...Learn More
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