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  1. 7 Reasons Why Making Your Website Mobile Responsive is Crucial in 2018

    **7 Reasons Why Making Your Website Mobile Responsive is Crucial in 2018** The only thing more important than having a website is making it easily accessible to everyone. In 2018, people of all generations regu...Learn More
  2. Move div to top for small screens

    I have a layout which should look a bit different for pc screens and smartphones. Layout 1: |1 | 2 | |3 | 4 |5 | |6 | 7 |8 | Layout 2: |4| |1| |2| |3| |5| |6| |7| |8| You can see, that within Layout...Learn More
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  3. DIV Auto Re-Loading After Orientation Change

    I load my main page menu div with Javascript: $("#main_menu_list").html(mml_html); I also use this Javascript to determine the variable of mml_html: var mml_html = ''; var screen_width = screen.wid...Learn More
  4. How to responsive menu bar without using any framework

    I am trying to design responsive menubar. This is the my html file. <body> <div class="header"> <div class="container"> <div class="span_1_of_12"&...Learn More
  5. CSS Resizing Images, keeping formation

    I have a formation of images, as seen here: The following is the HTML. "second-panel" is the main wrapper, which has the background image of the building. Each "diamond"-shaped image is positioned absolutely, ...Learn More
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  6. HTML/CSS - How to position my image to the right so that it can be aligned with my text on the left?

    I am new to HTML and CSS, some problems have come up when I tried to write the code. What I want is that Text (on the left middle part) and image (on the right middle part) are side by side Responsive design ...Learn More
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  7. 4 Floating DIVs that respond symmetrically on narrowing screens with CSS

    [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] I have four DIVs floating left (above), using simple CSS: float:left; width:128px;height:128px As I narrow the screen, the last DIV jumps correctly onto the next line: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3...Learn More
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