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  1. Android RSS Reader Tutorial

    Android RSS Reader Tutorial In this android rss reader tutorial we will see how to make demo app that can read rss of a website or blog. So without wasting much time lets begin. Typically the rss feed of a webs...Learn More
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  2. Sync RSS Feed to Trello

    From whatisrss.com RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs, and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. TL;D...Learn More
  3. Generate RSS feeds for your static Next.js blog

    On the internet, there are many ways to allow visitors to get updated for new content on your blog. A pretty common option is to offer a Really Simple Syndication or more commonly known as RSS feed. An RSS fee...Learn More
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  4. Parsing different date formats from feedparser in python?

    I'm trying to get the dates from entries in two different RSS feeds through feedparser. Here is what I'm doing: import feedparser as fp reddit = fp.parse("http://www.reddit.com/.rss") cc = fp.parse("http://cont...Learn More
    PythonDateTimeParsingRSSfeedparserProgramming Languages
  5. All nodeValue fields are None when parsing XML

    I'm building a simple web-based RSS reader in Python, but I'm having trouble parsing the XML. I started out by trying some stuff in the Python command line. >>> from xml.dom import minidom ...Learn More
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  6. DOCTYPE RSS & HTML entities

    I have an "ldquo", "rdquo" and several other entities under my RSS feed. Seems like if I add <!DOCTYPE rss [ <!ENTITY % HTMLspec PUBLIC "-//W3C//ENTITIES Latin 1 for XHTML//EN" "http://www.w...Learn More
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  7. How does the syndication part of RSS work?

    I understand how to make an RSS file. The XML for it is simple enough. But do I have to anything special for updates to get distributed or do I just need to update the file periodically and the rest will take c...Learn More
  8. What is the best Java-based Mailing List application allowing opt-in/opt-out

    I'm looking for a java-based (preferable) mailing list application that allows users to opt-in/opt-out of mailing lists. Open-source is preferable but not mandatory. This product would be used to send email n...Learn More
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  9. Repost: Creating a RSS feed with PHP

    I asked how to do this before but it seems I needed to put more code to really get an answer. I have a reddit type site, and I am trying to create a rss feed this is the code, but I get a Fatal error: Uncaught ...Learn More
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  10. tips on creating RSS/XML easily in python

    I have a list if these 3 items: title and link and a html based description and I am looking for a library or external tool which can be fed these 3 items and create a rss xml page. Does such a thing exist?...Learn More
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  11. RSS Feed aggregator using Google App Engine - Python

    I am trying to build a GAE app that processes an RSS feed and stores all the data from the feed into Google Datastore. I use Minidom to extract content from the RSS feed. I also tried using Feedparser and Beaut...Learn More
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  12. Reading RSS feed using jQuery

    I'm trying to show the title of my latest stumbleupon item using their RSS feed and jquery. The function I have is: function get_stumbleupon() { $.get("http://rss.stumbleupon.com/user/fredkelly/", function(...Learn More