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  1. 4 Most Important SEO Factors for 2018

    **4 Most Important SEO Factors for 2018** SEO is always changing. It’s hard to keep up with the new rules and strategies for boosting your search engine ranking. In 2018, optimizing your website for Google and ...Learn More
  2. 5 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2017

    It is somewhat traditional to end off the year with a summary of emerging trends and predictions for the new year, but we understand that as a small business owner you probably want to spend the last few weeks ...Learn More
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  3. Business Change Marketing: Grab The Long Tail and Hold On!

    What if I told you to pay more attention . . . pay lots of attention to the “long tail” ? Would that mean anything to you? If yes, keep reading. If no, keep reading and pay very close attention, because this is...Learn More
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  4. The Best Content Marketing Managers Use These 10 Essential Marketing Tactics

    Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash Content marketing is such a broad and multifaceted discipline, it’s maddening to try and reduce it to any one block of advice. Even in specific industries, it’s hard to find ...Learn More
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  5. The Top 10 Keyword Research Tools and How To Use Them

    Ubersuggest has been a favorite of many online entrepreneurs and bloggers worldwide, and for a reason. It is a fast and free keyword research tool. While most keyword research tools assume you know the keywords...Learn More
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  6. Google Tests Larger URL in SERPs

    A good testing strategy is an integral part of improving every website, and Google is always testing something new. Whether it is the color of the background behind AdWords ads, or a recent test to change the c...Learn More
  7. François Goube of OnCrawl Talks Data Science, SEO, & Other Non-Intuitive Marketing Strategies

    With data science, marketing becomes more reliable and decisions can be made based on solid predictions. As a part of my Marketing Strategy Series, I’m talking with my fellow marketing pros at the top of their...Learn More
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  8. What Google Wants: Two Crucial SEO Ranking Factors

    One Big SEO Mystery Demystified The Google Search Engine Ranking Algorithm is one of life’s great mysteries. Or is it? They’ll never reveal exactly how the algo works but we can make an educated guess as to t...Learn More
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  9. Mobile-First Indexing is Here — Is Your Website Ready?

    As if SEO wasn’t already complicated and time consuming enough, Google has changed the rules of the game once again. Googlebots are crawling your website a little differently now, and it’s important to understa...Learn More
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  10. Index Your WordPress Website In Search Engines

    Index Your WordPress Website In Search Engines Visualmodo Follow May 4 · 4 min read When you finally create a new WordPress website, you might be expecting visitors to start coming eagerly. In reality, before ...Learn More
  11. For Full Effect, Avoid Niched Marketing

    Excited to see your business success sky-rocket in record time? (Of course you are.) Well, it all starts with excellent marketing… If you’re the person in charge of marketing for your company, this means you a...Learn More
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  12. How long does it take for SEO to work?

    It’s the question so many companies ask us here at PENNInk Productions: “How long will it be before my business is on the first or second page of Google?” Alas, it’s a much more complex and fraught question th...Learn More