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  1. Adjust Sharepoint URL field length

    Is there anyway to change the length of the field that Sharepoint uses to store URLs. Its default is 255, which is just not long enough to hold links to content within the sharepoint site. ...Learn More
  2. Office documents prompt for login in anonymous SharePoint site

    I have a MOSS 07 site that is configured for anonymous access. There is a document library within this site that also has anonymous access enabled. When an anonymous user clicks on a PDF file in this library, h...Learn More
  3. Suppress NTLM dialog box after unauthorized request

    In a recent sharepoint project, I implemented an authentication webpart which should replace the NTLM authentication dialog box. It works fine as long as the user provides valid credentials. Whenever the user p...Learn More
  4. Migrating from other Content Management Systems to SharePoint

    I am currently working on a project which requires migration of content from different content management Systems to SharePoint. Are there any good, preferably open source, tools that would help me do this? Als...Learn More
  5. Custom SharePoint feature in multiple scopes in document library - shows up as duplicates

    I have a custom feature which is an Edit Control Block (ECB) action in a document library that gets deployed as a solution package (WSP). When you pull down the dropdown next to a file, you see the feature and ...Learn More
  6. No Code, Salesforce & SharePoint Integration

    Salesforce no doubt is the world’s best CRM, it helps organizations building meaningful relationships with their customers. However, there are certain areas where integrating external apps with Salesforce impro...Learn More
  7. Clean document roles in a Doc Library

    I have been developing an event handler to clean up the RolesAssignments of the new item of a document library in MOSS. I’ve searched for a method that could clean all the RolesAssignments efficiently, although...Learn More
  8. Impressions of the 2011 SharePoint Conference, Part 5 (Expert Best Practices)

    This article was originally posted on October 11, 2011. The second wave of sessions I attended at last week’s SharePoint Conference comprised presentations by experts about best practices in and around SharePo...Learn More
  9. How to use the SharePoint MultipleLookupField control?

    I want to use the MultipleLookupField control in a web page that will run in the context of SharePoint. I was wondering if anyone would help me with an example, which shows step by step how to use the control ...Learn More
  10. Impressions of the 2011 SharePoint Conference, Part 2 (Monday Keynotes)

    This article was originally posted on October 08, 2011. Another impression that occurred to me throughout the week at the SharePoint Conference, in stark comparison to the Oracle/Salesforce kerfuffle up the co...Learn More
  11. SharePoint in Waves

    This article was originally posted on March 26, 2008. Wave 1: Infrastructure and Architecture This wave of activity is the precursor to all other SharePoint-related effort. Many of our customers, lacking thes...Learn More
  12. Infopath 2007 - Emailed forms not rendering correctly

    So I have a form that uses infopath services via sharepoint, and after multiple attempts at attempting to fix a rendering problem (tables appear WAY too wide to be readable), I think I have found the problem : ...Learn More