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  1. A python server that executes python scripts

    I'm doing a python class this semester, and I'd like to add graphical user interfaces to my programs in the form of web pages. Partly I can't be bothered to learn Tkinter, partly I'm just challenging myself, an...Learn More
  2. SimpleHTTPServer not working

    I'm connecting to a VPN (Linux machine) through ssh and invoke the following command there: sibi::bash-> python -m SimpleHTTPServer Serving HTTP on port 8000 ... Then, I visit it in it's URL: ht...Learn More
  3. python script to share directory, added to startup via update-rd.c, hangs boot

    OK, I searched high and low, and found pieces of my puzzle, but no solutions. I want to share a directory over http without having to worry about apache, etc. python was the simplest answer. So I got the easy s...Learn More
  4. socket.error: [Errno 48] Address already in use

    I'm trying to set up a server with python from mac terminal. I navigate to folder location an use: python -m SimpleHTTPServer But this gives me error: socket.error: [Errno 48] Address already in use I had ...Learn More
  5. Shutting down python TCPServer by custom handler

    I'm trying to shutdown a TCPServer from the SocketServer module through a GET request by the client, emitted when the window is closed, however the following code fails to initiate the shutdown: def show_webgl(...Learn More
  6. How do I get CGIHTTPServer to ask for user/pass

    I just want to start a CGI HTTP Server in Python, that asks for user/pass. How can I do this? The HTTP Basic authentication (with a browser popup box that asks for name/password) will be fine (and probably pre...Learn More
  7. How do I kill SimpleHTTPServer from within a Python script?

    I am trying to use SimpleHTTPServer to test all the links in a Python project. I can get my script to work if I start the server before running my script, and then the server stops when I close the terminal win...Learn More
  8. what is the difference between BaseHTTPServer and SimpleHTTPServer? when and where to use it?

    What is the difference between BaseHTTPServer and SimpleHTTPServer? When and where should i use these?...Learn More
  9. Launching SimpleHTTPServer in background

    I am trying to write a shell script that launches a server and then fires up a browser to view the served content (cd app && python -m SimpleHTTPServer) & open http://localhost:8000 Dis...Learn More
  10. How can I create an local webserver for my python scripts?

    I'm looking to use a local webserver to run a series of python scripts for the user. For various unavoidable reasons, the python script must run locally, not on a server. As a result, I'll be using HTML+browser...Learn More
  11. Is it possible to have SimpleHTTPServer serve files from two different directories?

    If I do python -m SimpleHTTPServer it serves the files in the current directory. My directory structure looks like this: /protected/public /protected/private /test I want to start the server in my /test direct...Learn More
  12. Why does subprocess.Popen block the response of SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler

    I have the strange problem that the return of a request in SimpleHTTPRequestHandler is blocked if in the request handler a new process is spawned by subprocess.Popen. But shouldn't Popen be asynchronous? The be...Learn More