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  1. Python Send Email Using SMTP

    Python Send Email Using SMTP In this tutorial we will see how to send email using Python. We will need two python libraries for the same, smtplib will be used for making a host for sending email it will also ha...Learn More
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  2. How to Send Emails with Node.js

    How to Send Emails with Node.js Introduction Email is one of the most used tools for communication in web applications because it helps you reach your users directly, build your brand, or send general notificat...Learn More
  3. How to Send Emails with Gmail using Python

    How to Send Emails with Gmail using Python There are quite a few ways to send email with Python, whether it be through a 3rd party library like with boto and SES, or through an email protocol like SMTP. While t...Learn More
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  4. RE:[Cryptography] Paid SMTP (PSMTP)-5

    Dear all, Thank you for your time. The discussions have moved forward each round helping me see different aspects and develop the idea further. I hope you also found answers to your questions and understand PS...Learn More
  5. Secure your SMTP logs in Rails application

    We all know benefits of logging. It enable developers to quickly troubleshoot issues even before reproducing it. In distributed systems, computing logs are stored in shared drive or sometimes on distributed se...Learn More
  6. Secure your SMTP signs in Rails application

    We as a whole know advantages of logging. It empower designers to rapidly investigate issues even prior to imitating it. In dispersed frameworks, registering logs are put away in shared drive or at times on ci...Learn More
  7. Sending mail from Python using SMTP

    I'm using the following method to send mail from Python using SMTP. Is it the right method to use or are there gotchas I'm missing ? from smtplib import SMTP import datetime debuglevel = 0 smtp = SMTP() smtp....Learn More
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  8. Python: smtpd (or alternative) for production mail receiving?

    I'm looking to do various processing of email - eg. inspect the headers, and if they meet some criteria (look like spam), drop the connection, or inspect the recipient list and perform special filtering. Looks...Learn More
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  9. How to refuse a recipient in smtpd.SMTPServer.process_message?

    Let's say your processing a message in an overridden class like: class MailProcessorServer(smtpd.SMTPServer): def process_message(self, peer, sender, rcpttos, data): badrecipients = [] for rcpt in rcp...Learn More
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  10. SMTP and XMPP deployment/workflow

    I'm developing a website that incorporates an XMPP bot and a custom SMTP server (mainly these services process commands and reply). I'd like to set up a system where I can develop locally, push changes to a st...Learn More
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  11. Python asyncore vs plain old C

    i'm stress testing 2 different projects: one is proxsmtpd - smtp proxy written in C And the other one, smtp_proxy.py, which i developed under 1 hour, with use of asyncore and smtpd python modules. I stressed b...Learn More
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  12. How do I send an email in Django with a certain mimetype?

    MYMESSAGE = "<div>Hello</div><p></p>Hello" send_mail("testing",MYMESSAGE,"noreply@mydomain.com",['assdf@gmail.com'],fail_silently=False) However, this me...Learn More
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