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  1. Android SOAP Client Example Using ksoap2

    Android SOAP Client Example Using ksoap2 In this tutorial you will learn to make an android soap client using ksoap2 library. Prerequisites We need ksop2 library. You can download its jar easily by searching o...Learn More
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  2. Create Java SOAP Web Service Using Eclipse

    Create Java SOAP Web Service Using Eclipse In this tutorial I will teach you the simplest way to create Java SOAP web service using Eclipse IDE. I have created this example using Eclipse Kepler. I am sure it wi...Learn More
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  3. The Dr. Squatch Soap Saver and When “Free of Charge” Works for Your Bottom Line

    Credit: Honest Brand Reviews Last year I got an ad on YouTube for Dr. Squatch all natural, hand-cut soap. The ad was read by talented spokesman, James Shrader, who convinced me that the soap I was using wasn’t...Learn More
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  4. What is the simplest way to offer/consume web services in jython?

    I have an application for Tomcat which needs to offer/consume web services. Since Java web services are a nightmare (xml, code generation, etc.) compared with what is possible in Python, I would like to learn f...Learn More
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  5. Expose Java class as SOAP WebService - how?

    I am looking for a framework to turn given Java class into WebService (may be with some limitations on method parameters etc) Thanks ...Learn More
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  6. Enterprise Messaging API with Web Services for High Performance?

    Does combining an Enterprise Messaging solution with Web Services result in a real performance gain over simple HTTP requests over sockets? (if implementation details will help, interested in JMS with a SOAP w...Learn More
  7. I am confused about SOAP namespaces

    I am learning about SOAP implementation and have become somewhat confused regarding the appropriate namespace URI for a SOAP 1.2 Envelope. The w3c specification for SOAP refers to the "http://www.w3.org/2003...Learn More
  8. Soaplib functions with default arguments

    I have to write soaplib method, that has many arguments. The idea is that the user should able able to choose, which arguments he wants to provide. Is that even possible? I know it is possible in python genera...Learn More
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  9. Writing python client for SOAP with suds

    I want to convert a perl SOAP client into a python SOAP client. The perl client is initialized like $url = 'https://host:port/cgi-devel/Service.cgi'; $uri = 'https://host/Service'; my $soap = SOAP::Lite -...Learn More
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  10. Ruby Web Services

    I'm contemplating creating a web application using a Ruby on Rails/MySQL stack and I am wondering what capabilities are available around web services and SOAP. Is there a capability within the framework or does...Learn More
  11. Suds + JIRA = SAXException

    I'm using Python 2.6 and suds 0.3.7 to interact with JIRA 4.0. When I connect to the JIRA server, I get information on all the issues just fine. However, when I want to update an issue, I get a SAXException fro...Learn More
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  12. how to use web service on flex?

    i am going to use https://adwords.google.com/api/adwords/v13/AdService?wsdl . google adwords apI to my project . so how do i use that ? do u know any example plz refer me ...Learn More