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  1. An Introduction to Apache Spark with Java

    An Introduction to Apache Spark with Java What is Apache Spark? Apache Spark is an in-memory distributed data processing engine that is used for processing and analytics of large data-sets. Spark presents a sim...Learn More
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  2. Introduction to Apache Spark with Scala

    This article is a follow-up note for the March edition of Scala-Lagos meet-up where we discussed Apache Spark, it’s capability and use-cases as well as a brief example in which the Scala API was used for sample...Learn More
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  3. Deep-dive into Spark internals and architecture

    Apache Spark is an open-source distributed general-purpose cluster-computing framework. A spark application is a JVM process that’s running a user code using the spark as a 3rd party library. As part of this b...Learn More
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  4. Flight Data Analysis Using Spark GraphX

    Spark GraphX Tutorial — Edureka GraphX is Apache Spark’s API for graphs and graph-parallel computation. GraphX unifies ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) process, exploratory analysis and iterative graph computat...Learn More
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  5. Understanding Spark As If You Had Designed It

    Understanding Spark As If You Had Designed It From a simple function to a resilient and distributed framework. Why caring about Spark? Among the current frameworks available on the data space, just a few hav...Learn More
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  6. Video: On a Highway to Scale — Machine Learning as a Platform (Hebrew)

    On a Highway to Scale: Machine Learning as a Platform — Ben Amir (Hebrew) When you’re handling lots of data, you come across many issues and problems, including ones associated with model training. At Riskifie...Learn More
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  7. This week in #Scala (March 4, 2019)

    This week in #Scala (March 4, 2019) Welcome to the new edition of #ThisWeekInScala! This blog aims to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of Scala and Reactive programming. It has been a ...Learn More
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  8. Install Pyspark and use GraphFrames on macOS and Linux

    Install Pyspark and use GraphFrames on macOS and Linux Detail Guide on How to Install Pyspark and use Spark GraphFrames on different OSs Linux(Ubuntu) All the following operations should be done under Termin...Learn More
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  9. Insane DJI Spark RC Mod | Drones

    Got Range? One of the many things that separate the Spark from other drones in the DJI consumer line of aircraft is limit in range. DJI states that the video transmission signal has an unobstructed LOS range o...Learn More
  10. Glimpse into Apache Spark 3.0 [Early Access]

    Tushar Kapoor: (https://www.tusharck.com/) Apache continues to maintain a strong position by showcasing its preview release of Spark 3.0 for Big Data Science. According to the preview, Spark is coming with sev...Learn More
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  11. Accessing Kerberized Sources From Spark2 In Cluster Mode On Yarn

    Introduction Many of phData’s customers face the issue that they need to connect to a source secured via Kerberos in a Spark application. A source can be a JDBC connection like Impala, or a web URL that uses K...Learn More
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  12. Structured Streaming

    Structured Streaming Introduction As streaming frameworks are emerging gradually, it encourages the developers to concentrate on business challenges rather than focussing on potential streaming analytics issu...Learn More
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