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  1. Tips To Spot A Phishing Or Spoofing Email

    **Tips To Spot A Phishing Or Spoofing Email** Even if you have security software, phishing emails will leave exposed to ransom wares. The phishing emails have become too common nowadays. This has continued to c...Learn More
  2. What is the best way to make TCP and UDP packet spoofing and injection?

    Hy folks, I'm kinda new to low level networking. I need to intercepts all TCP/UDP packets and potentially filter or substitute them with new ones. What would be the best way to intercept these packets and inj...Learn More
  3. Create spoofing HTTP Response in Wireless LAN with scapy

    I create program like airpwn with python-scapy. Now, I can sniff it and forge the 802.11 packet, specific any required value for spoofing and send it to victim machine but it's doesn't work. I think because I'm...Learn More
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