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  1. Message Queueing in Node.js with AWS SQS

    Message Queueing in Node.js with AWS SQS Introduction With the increased complexity of modern software systems, came along the need to break up systems that had outgrown their initial size. This increase in the...Learn More
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  2. Message Queues in Database Transactions

    Like many scalable SaaS applications, the HighBond platform from Galvanize uses an event-driven architecture. When a state change is made within one service (such as updating a record in the user module), other...Learn More
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  3. Circuit Breaker Solution for AWS Lambda Functions

    CloudWatch Metrics and Alarms can be used to add circuit breaker functionality to AWS Lambda functions that are triggered by SQS messages in a non-intrusive and cost-effective way. You can protect overwhelmed ...Learn More
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  4. Build an AWS SQS Background Service with .NET 5 — Part 1

    The scope of this article it to get you started building a SQS background services using .NET 5 (should work with 3.1 as well). SQS stands for Simple Queue Service. That is, it’s a queue service. What you can ...Learn More
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