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  1. Setup ssl, https Let's Encrypt for Nginx on Ubuntu

    Virtual hosts Let's say you want to host domains first.com and second.com. Create folders for their files: mkdir /var/www/first mkdir /var/www/second Create a text file /etc/nginx/sites-available/first.conf co...Learn More
  2. Why do you need an SSL certificate

    The Internet is a wonderful place to do business because it makes it easy for customers to find online businesses. However, websites need to transmit information securely. Some criminals hope to make quick mone...Learn More
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  3. Install Let’s encrypt in a Shared Hosting like GoDaddy

    Why Let’s Encrypt? Let’s Encrypt allows us to install a Free SSL Certificate in your domain that will be accepted by most of the modern web browsers, nevertheless this certificate is only valid for 90 days so ...Learn More
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  4. How to Configure SSL for AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment ☁️

    What is an SSL Certificate and How Does it Work? SSL certificates create an encrypted connection and establish trust. One of the most important components of online business is creating a trusted environment w...Learn More
  5. Cross-Site Cookies Will Now Be Rejected on localhost Because of SameSite=None; Secure in Chrome 80

    Cross-Site Cookies Will Now Be Rejected on localhost Because of SameSite=None; Secure in Chrome 80 If you’re looking to building a project in which you would be serving cross-site cookies, here’s what you need...Learn More
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  6. Tableau Server Linux | SSL Self Signed Certificate Install

    This is an easy guide on how to install a self-signed certificate on Tableau Server that requires just 1 config file and 2 commands. It can also be applied to Windows machines (just make sure to add the OpenSSL...Learn More
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  7. How to install an SSL Certificate on Sentora?

    How to install an SSL Certificate on Sentora? This article offers quick instructions on how to generate a CSR code and install an SSL certificate on Sentora web hosting control panel. Split into four sections, ...Learn More
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  8. How to make parts of a website under SSL and the rest not?

    I need to create a cherrypy main page that has a login area. I want the login area to be secure, but the rest of the page should not be so. How can I do this in CherryPy? Ideally, any suggestions will be com...Learn More
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  9. Does the brand name matter for a SSL EV certificate?

    Do end users really care if a SSL EV certificate is from VeriSign, Thwate, DigiCert, or etc.? A certificate from VeriSign can cost up to 3x the cost from DigiCert for the same basic features. VeriSign is probab...Learn More
  10. Issue with Self Signed Cert in WCF - Must have Private Key

    I am creating a WCF service hosted within IIS7 on Windows Vista SP1. I am getting the following error: The certificate 'CN=SignedByLocalHost' must have a private key that is capable of key exchange. The proces...Learn More
  11. How to get SSL+mod_rewrite+Zend Framework MVC working together?

    So, I got ZF MVC site and want to force SSL connection on everything under my /checkout/ I tried using mod_rewrite for that, so my .htaccess would look like this: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (\/checkout.*)$ h...Learn More
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  12. WCF Authentication WITHOUT SSL

    Is there a way to setup authentication (ala "Basic Authentication") without actually setting up an SSL Certificate? I'd also like to do this in REST or regular SOAP WCF Services, preferably in REST, but would ...Learn More