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  1. Implementing SVM and Kernel SVM with Python's Scikit-Learn

    Implementing SVM and Kernel SVM with Python's Scikit-Learn A support vector machine (SVM) is a type of supervised machine learning classification algorithm. SVMs were introduced initially in 1960s and were late...Learn More
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  2. Quora Question Pairs Case Study

    Description :: Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge about anything. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. This empowers people to l...Learn More
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  3. Python Memory Error - Sklearn Huge Input Data?

    I need to train the svm classifier in sklearn. The dimensions of the feature vectors go in hundreds of thousands and there are tens of thousands of such feature vectors. However, each dimension can be 0, 1 or -...Learn More
  4. Train scikit SVM, customize score assessment

    I plan on using scikit svm for class prediction. I have a two-class dataset consisting of about 100 experiments. Each experiment encapsulates my data-points (vectors) + classification. Training of an SVM accord...Learn More
  5. Python OpenCV SVM implementation

    So I have a matrix with my sample images (all turned into vectors) which was run trough PCA/LDA, and a vector which denotes the class each images belongs to. Now I want to use the OpenCV SVM class to train my S...Learn More
  6. Deep Dive into Support Vector Machine

    Consider the above classifiers. There are two classes: Class ‘ +1 ’: Dark data points. ’: Dark data points. Class ‘-1’: Light data points. So, what’s wrong with the above classifiers??? If we look over the c...Learn More
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  7. Weird SVM prediction performance in scikit-learn (SVMLIB)

    I am using SVC from scikit-learn on a large dataset of 10000x1000 (10000 objects with 1000 features). I already saw in other sources that SVMLIB doesn't scale well beyond ~10000 objects and I indeed observe thi...Learn More
  8. Naïve Bayes vs. SVM For Text Classification

    Introduction In this article, I will highlight the various aspects of the Support vector machine that makes it different from the Naïve Bayes approach for text classification. But first thing first! What is ...Learn More
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  9. All you need to know about Support Vector Machines

    PC:Packtpub SVM is a simple classification algorithm every machine learning practitioner should have in their toolbox. Let’s first understand how it works then see its pros and cons. As said earlier it is a c...Learn More
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  10. Scikit-Learn SVC hangs on small data set

    I'm trying to use scikit-learn to fit a SVM to my data. However, Python hangs on the last line below when I try to fit the data. I let this run for 12 hours before killing it. trainX has 100 features and 100...Learn More
  11. Support Vector Machines Important Questions

    Give some situations where you will use an SVM over a RandomForest Machine Learning algorithm and vice-versa? Ans. The performance depends on many factors the number of training instances the distribution of...Learn More
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  12. Fast Kernel matrix computation python

    I would like to compute a kernel matrix in python in the fastest way as possible: the input is a matrix X= nsamples, nfeatues and the output should be a symmetric matrix D =nsamples, nsapmles the method which I...Learn More