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  1. Android Pull or Swipe Down to Refresh Using SwipeRefreshLayout Example

    Android Pull or Swipe Down to Refresh Using SwipeRefreshLayout Example Here you will learn about android pull or swipe down to refresh using SwipeRefreshLayout example. You may have seen the pull to refresh fea...Learn More
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  2. HorizontalScrollView inside SwipeRefreshLayout

    I implemented the new SwipeRefreshLayout component in my application and it works well with any vertical views, like ListView, GridView and ScrollView. It behaves very bad with horizontal views, like Horizonta...Learn More
  3. Get default value for start and end in SwipeRefreshLayout

    SwipeRefreshLayout has a method called setProgressViewOffset where you can set start and end parameter: start: The offset in pixels from the top of this view at which the progress spinner should appear...Learn More
  4. Recyclerviews and SwipeRefreshLayout using support library 23.2.0

    Has anyone figured out a way to get recyclerviews, AppbarLayouts and SwipeRefreshLayout to work together on 23.2 yet? I am using a pretty standard method I think, but the swiperefreshlayout keeps grabbing the s...Learn More
  5. SwipeRefresh Doesn't Work On Fragments - API 19

    I'm currently implementing swipeRefreshLayout the problem was, it's still not showing up. I tried to implement some of the answer in this link ,and this link ,and this link . my gradle module: compile 'com.andr...Learn More