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  1. Selenium Web driver--Failure Screenshot is not captured in TestNG report

    With below mentioned code,if the test case is pass-screenshot captured successfully and displayed in report.But when the test is failed--screenshot is not displayed.Even screenshot hyperlink is not displayed in...Learn More
  2. Running maven test on a specific class - [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-surefire-plugin:2.10:test

    Getting the following issue. When I run mvn test -Dtest=MyClassTest [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-surefire-plugin:2.10:test (default-test) on project my-project: No tests were ...Learn More
  3. PowerMock static class does not mock

    public class TestStatic { public static int methodstatic(){ return 3; } } @Test @PrepareForTest({TestStatic.class}) public class TestStaticTest extends PowerMockTestCase { public void tes...Learn More
  4. how to run maven unit test (testng) on Eclipse

    I have a Maven project and I have included some unit tests. I can run those unit tests from command line using mvn test -Dtest=AppTest It will run the unit test (AppTest class) without any problems. But if I...Learn More
  5. How to wait X minutes between tests in TestNG

    I am testing a website that has a page that will update 4-5 minutes after I have done a certain action. Here's what I've thought of: Thread.sleep()/Continuously refreshing page waiting for update. This mean...Learn More
  6. TestNG 6.4 with ant creatin TestNG 6.3 Reports?

    I upgraded to TestNG 6.4. Now when I execute a Test-Suite from within Eclipse(with TestNG plugin) the test got "the new look". But if I execute the same Test-Suite with ant the reports look the same as with Tes...Learn More
  7. Running TestNG programmatically using maven command line

    I need to run multiple test suites in parallel. One of the approaches being, to create a suite file as below - <!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "http://testng.org/testng-1.0.dtd" > <suite name="Al...Learn More
  8. Selenium Web Test Automation Framework Best Practices

    I would like to know your comments on best practices developing web test automation framework I basically read couple of blogs and finally got convinced with David Burns approach listed in book - "Selenium 1....Learn More
  9. Unit testing EJBs on Jboss 4.3?

    Is there anything similar to Embedded Glassfish, where one can unit test EJBs, for Jboss 4.3 AS. I have googled and came to know about a tool Arquillian and later figured out that it doesnt support Jboss 4.3 co...Learn More
  10. selenium rc with cruise control - testng error message - could not instantiate 'test'

    I'm currently trying to set up cruisecontrol to run my selenium test suite. Everything works fine until I run the build, I got the following message: calling target(s) [execute-test] in build file C:\Project\s...Learn More
  11. TestNG testlistener - Possible to pass variables to retrieve in the ITestResult

    I would like to be able to pass a variable a string variable to the ITestResult so that I can do something with it on a pass and failure. I have a build number that is pulled off the screen and stored in a bui...Learn More
  12. IntelliJ IDEA TestNG output console clears

    I have test with 3 test methods. In output console I can see only data from the last run test method. Previous tests outputs are cleared. Is it possible to see outputs of all test methods? Thanks. ...Learn More