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  1. Simple NLP in Python With TextBlob: Tokenization

    Simple NLP in Python With TextBlob: Tokenization Introduction The amount of textual data on the Internet has significantly increased in the past decades. There's no doubt that the processing of this amount of i...Learn More
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  2. Spelling Correction in Python with TextBlob

    Spelling Correction in Python with TextBlob Introduction Spelling mistakes are common, and most people are used to software indicating if a mistake was made. From autocorrect on our phones, to red underlining i...Learn More
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  3. Simple NLP in Python with TextBlob: N-Grams Detection

    Simple NLP in Python with TextBlob: N-Grams Detection Introduction The constant growth of data on the Internet creates a demand for tools that process textual information. Moreover, it's highly important that t...Learn More
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  4. Sentiment Analysis in Python With TextBlob

    Sentiment Analysis in Python With TextBlob Introduction State-of-the-art technologies in NLP allow us to analyze natural languages on different layers: from simple segmentation of textual information to more so...Learn More
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  5. nltk NaiveBayesClassifier training for sentiment analysis

    I am training the NaiveBayesClassifier in Python using sentences, and it gives me the error below. I do not understand what the error might be, and any help would be good. I have tried many other input formats...Learn More
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  6. Python Naive Bayes Classification of tweets into categories. Methods

    I am trying to implement a Naive Bayes algorithm to read tweets from a csv file and classify them into categories i define (for example: tech, science, politics) I want to use NLTK's naive bayes classification ...Learn More
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  7. TextBlob installation in windows

    I have followed the instruction in Trouble installing TextBlob for Python for TextBlob installation in the Windows 7. It got installed but when I go to Python Idle and type import TextBlob it says No module...Learn More
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  8. missing corpus error in textblob using django

    I am using Python 2.7 and Django 1.8 and my server is Apache on Linux Ubuntu. I have a json file with 23000 tweets in it. I want to classify the tweets according to predefined categories. But when I run the co...Learn More
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  9. Python pickle error: UnicodeDecodeError

    I'm trying to do some text classification using Textblob. I'm first training the model and serializing it using pickle as shown below. import pickle from textblob.classifiers import NaiveBayesClassifier with ...Learn More
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  10. TextBloB: corect() method returning empty object

    I am trying to use TextBlob's spelling correction, but correct() returns with an empty object for every call. The following shows the method call on the terminal: >>> from textblob import T...Learn More
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  11. Translate pandas column with TextBlob

    I'm trying to read a csv and translate one column that is written in French to English with the TextBlob package in Python (2.7.10 Mac OS X Yosemite). However, Python throws the following error message at me: A...Learn More
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  12. Can Pickle handle files larger than the RAM installed on my machine?

    I'm using pickle for saving on disk my NLP classifier built with the TextBlob library. I'm using pickle after a lot of searches related to this question. At the moment I'm working locally and I have no problem...Learn More
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