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  1. Setting up a Node.js Cluster

    Setting up a Node.js Cluster We all know Node.js is great at handling lots of events asynchronously, but what a lot of people don't know is that all of this is done on a single thread. Node.js actually is not m...Learn More
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  2. How to Use Threads in Java Swing

    How to Use Threads in Java Swing Programming isn't easy, and adding a user interface around functionality can really make life difficult. Especially since not all UI frameworks are thread safe (including Swing)...Learn More
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  3. Beginning Python Programming — Part 14

    ThreadPoolExecutor Sometimes you need to customize how many threads should be used for a task, such as limiting the number of concurrent threads that should be used over a series of tasks. To illustrate this,...Learn More
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  4. Threading vs Multiprocessing in Python

    One of the hottest discussions amongst developers I have ever found other than the slow execution speed of Python is around problems with threading and lot of them complaining about GIL ( Global Interpreter Loc...Learn More
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  5. Running cpu-heavy tasks with nodejs worker-threads

    Introduction Due to the nature of nodeJS running all code/requests in a single thread, this can easily lead to latency in a server environment, as additional requests have to wait until the only thread is avai...Learn More