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  1. Spring Boot Thymeleaf Form Data Validation with Bean Validator

    Spring Boot Thymeleaf Form Data Validation with Bean Validator Introduction Form Data Validation is a very common, and rudimentary step in building any web application with user input. We want to make sure that...Learn More
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  2. Thymeleaf Path Variables with Spring Boot

    Introduction Thymeleaf is a templating (server-side rendering) engine used by many Java software engineers within Spring-based web applications. An important feature of any web application is the support for dy...Learn More
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  3. Using 'select' tag with entities in Thymeleaf

    I am creating a form with the select tag that looks like this: <form th:object="${version}" method="post" class="form-horizontal"> ... <div class="control-group" th:classappend="${#...Learn More
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  4. how to send list from controller to thymeleaf

    I need to send the data which is present in a list from my spring controller to thymeleaf (html) how can I send the data? after receiving how can I iterate the data in thymeleaf ...Learn More
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  5. How to create a dynamic menu with Spring

    I want to create a menu from the database. It will be part of a fragment.... how do I do that? I have @ModelAttribute("userMenu") and a method that returns a collection of Menu objects, but it seems to return...Learn More
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  6. Iterate with index using thymeleaf

    I am new to thymeleaf and am converting all my jsp code to thymeleaf.I don't know how to convert this below code to thymeleaf.Do anyone know how to convert the below code to thymeleaf? <logic:iterate id=...Learn More
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  7. Thymeleaf resource routes behind proxy

    I've got a spring application with thymeleaf templates deployed in a local tomcat7, and served to the outside world via an apache proxy. The base urls are: Tomcat: http://some.ip.address:8080/my-application Ap...Learn More
  8. Boolean condition with Thymeleaf and Spring

    I'd like to add an error flag in my web page. How can I to check if a Spring Model attribute is true or false with Thymeleaf? ...Learn More
  9. Spring Boot templates not resolved

    I'm trying to build a standalone web application using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf. The application runs fine from IntelliJ IDEA, but I'm not able to run the jar on its own. Apparently the templates are not inclu...Learn More
  10. list of entity values to get a particular value in thymeleaf

    I have a entity list value. but i want only three fields from that entity in the thymeleaf web ui. if i take the full object it returns the full entity value that i don't want to happen. My code: <li th:...Learn More
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  11. Map with custom formatter in thymeleaf view

    I am trying to convert a Map with a custom Formatter. I created an @LongCurrency Annotation, which converts long values like this: Long -> String 22 -> 00,22 3310 -> 33,10 String -> Long 3 -> 3 22,11 -> 2211 (C...Learn More
  12. Netbeans 8 won't reload static Thymeleaf files

    I am using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf via Maven. I can't seem to get Netbeans to automatically re-deploy any of my Thymeleaf template files when I make changes. In order to see the changes I need to do a full cl...Learn More