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  1. Comparing Datetimes in Python - With and Without Timezones

    Comparing Datetimes in Python - With and Without Timezones Introduction When working with dates, oftentimes, you'd like to know if a given date comes before or after another date. We can get these answers by co...Learn More
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  2. Comparing Datetime with Delorean in Python - With and Without Timezones

    Introduction Working with datetime can be a challenging, and handling datetime in Python is no exception. Python's built-in datetime module introduced us to several classes - date, datetime, time, timezone and...Learn More
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  3. Best way to extract a timezone from a mail Date header in Java?

    I need to store the timezone an email was sent from. Which is the best way to extract it from the email's 'Date:' header (an RFC822 date)? And what is the recommended format to store it in the database (I'm usi...Learn More
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  4. Convert a string to GregorianCalendar

    I have a string from an email header, like Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 08:33:29 -0700. What I need is an instance of GregorianCalendar, that will represent the same moment. As easy as that -- how do I do it? And for...Learn More
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  5. Timezone considerations in sql server

    I'm using an sql server 2005 hosted in the states. Soon we will move the db to Europe. I'd like to update the dates in the db to take into account the timezone difference. Is there a good way to do this? Or is ...Learn More
  6. pytz localize vs datetime replace

    I'm having some weird issues with pytz's .localize() function. Sometimes it wouldn't make adjustments to the localized datetime: .localize behaviour: >>> tz <DstTzInfo 'Africa/Abidja...Learn More
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  7. Python: display the time in a different time zone

    Is there an elegant way to display the current time in another time zone? I would like to have something with the general spirit of: cur=<Get the current time, perhaps datetime.datetime.now()> pri...Learn More
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  8. SQL Reporting Services 2005 local time zone

    We store our date/time information in UTC format on our SQL Server. When using SQL Reporting Services, we'd like to display this data in the time zone of the client workstation, but it appears that using an e...Learn More
  9. How do you get PHP to return the timezone abbreviation AEST?

    I can't seem to find a way to get Pear's Date class (or PHP's date function) to return AEST as the timezone abbreviation for the timezone Australia/Melbourne. It always returns EST. I tried all the ways of prin...Learn More
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  10. Wrong hour in C++

    // Simple program to get the date and time on Windows // It compiles and works fine but displays the wrong hour! // Using Visual C++ 2008 Express on XP SP2 #include <Windows.h> #include &...Learn More
  11. how to find time at particular timezone from anywhere

    I need to know the current time at CDT when my Python script is run. However this script will be run in multiple different timezones so a simple offset won't work. I only need a solution for Linux, but a cross...Learn More
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  12. Setting the Time Zone with Compact Framework on Windows Mobile 6

    First, background: I have a .Net application that runs in kiosk mode on Windows Mobile 6 devices (IPAQ 210s). Our software actually tracks the user's time zone independently of the operating system, so we calc...Learn More
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