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  1. Simple NLP in Python With TextBlob: Tokenization

    Simple NLP in Python With TextBlob: Tokenization Introduction The amount of textual data on the Internet has significantly increased in the past decades. There's no doubt that the processing of this amount of i...Learn More
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  2. Methods for implementing a stabilized token economy

    Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash All my articles by topic. This article presents some possible technical solutions to stabilize the economy of a token, even with a reduced market cap and therefore more su...Learn More
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  3. Prometheum, creating an SEC-compliant distributed ledger technology

    Prometheum has raised $12M in total. We talked with Aaron Kaplan, its founder and Co-CEO. How would you describe Prometheum in a single tweet? Prometheum is creating an SEC-compliant distributed ledger techno...Learn More
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  4. How to Deal with Regulators: a Coinbase Primer

    You will find this amazing. On July 16th Coinbase told Bloomberg the SEC had approved Coinbase’s acquisition of three companies: Keystone Capital Corp., Venovate Marketplace Inc. and Digital Wealth LLC. Out of ...Learn More
  5. Evolution of Tokenization

    Even those of us whose interests are a far cry from anything crypto & blockchain are aware of the concept of a token. Today we are going to make a brief overview of the tokenization phenomenon, and see a token ...Learn More
  6. Tokenizing Assets in Light of Hadith

    One of the first objections that comes up when examining the resistance to cryptocurrency among the Muslim community relates to one of the core injunctions of transactions in finance- the necessity of the prese...Learn More
  7. How is Money Going to be Raised Using Digital Securities?

    The shift from ICOs to STOs is underway. But it’s not just about adapting the remaining successful cryptocurrency platforms to digital securities. To be successful the digital security industry needs to provide...Learn More
  8. Leverage the power of NEST inside AlphaWallet 3.0

    But we noticed that to really use NEST on mobile, one must download yet another ethereum wallet just to leverage the special features offered by NEST such as deposit, withdraw and claiming your dividend. This ...Learn More
  9. The Classic Car Coin in detail

    Formerly reserved for an exclusive circle of investors, the Classic Car Coin has managed to open up the market for classic cars to the general public.The focus of this ambitious project is the development of a ...Learn More
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  10. A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Language Processing — Part 2

    Preprocessing and text cleanup was covered in Part 1 in this series of articles to introduce people to NLP. In this article, you will find: Tokens. N-grams. Co-occurence matrices. PMI — Pointwise Mutual Inform...Learn More
  11. The DIY Submarine

    A lot of us had some extra time at home this year, and a lot us took up new hobbies. A quick scan of a DIY forum or Reddit will show hundreds of newbies struggling with something that seemed so simple and acces...Learn More
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  12. Smart Contracts & Blockchain

    Blockchain Distributed ledger or blockchain’s great innovation is the ability to create distinct digital objects without the need for a central organizing authority. To do this, all participants in a network o...Learn More
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