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  1. Difference between TCP and UDP

    **Difference between TCP and UDP** In this tutorial you will learn about difference between TCP and UDP. TCP TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. This is one of the main protocols of the Internet proto...Learn More
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  2. How to get your own (local) IP-Address from an udp-socket (C/C++)

    You have multiple network adapters. Bind a UDP socket to an local port, without specifying an address. Receive packets on one of the adapters. How do you get the local ip address of the adapter which received...Learn More
  3. How to process UDP data in Appengine

    I have a service provider who is transmitting data thro' UDP. I want to establish a connection to them, receive & process data (will be with in the 30 sec limit/request) Is it possible to get & process...Learn More
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  4. Why does TCP work, when UDP does not?

    The code: <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); /* Allow the script to hang around waiting for connections. */ set_time_limit(0); /* Turn on implicit output flushing so we see what we're getting * as it comes...Learn More
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  5. Finding the MAC address of the sender of a multicast UDP message in Python?

    I have some code that listens for "announcements" via UDP multicast. I can get the IP address of the sender, but what I really need is the MAC address of the sender (since the IP address can and will change). I...Learn More
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  6. libnet creates UDP packets with invalid checksums

    I'm using pylibnet to construct and send UDP packets. The UDP packets I construct in this way all seem to have invalid checksums. Example: # python Python 2.4.3 (#1, Sep 3 2009, 15:37:12) [GCC 4.1.2 20080704...Learn More
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  7. UDP client not reachable in Java

    Hi I am running a simple UDP Java Server, which collects IP and Port of Client when connected, store information in Database. Client is still listening to server. Server stops. Later, server want to reuse...Learn More
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  8. python listen 2 port same file

    I would like to listen on 2 different UDP port with the same server. I use SocketServer lib for my server, and basicly it looks like that; SocketServer.UDPServer(('', 7878),CLASSNAME) I would like to listen o...Learn More
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  9. What is the best way to make TCP and UDP packet spoofing and injection?

    Hy folks, I'm kinda new to low level networking. I need to intercepts all TCP/UDP packets and potentially filter or substitute them with new ones. What would be the best way to intercept these packets and inj...Learn More
  10. Python socket error on UDP data receive. (10054)

    I currently have a problem using UDP and Python socket module. We have a server and clients. The problem occurs when we send data to a user. It's possible that user may have closed their connection to the serve...Learn More
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  11. Python socket for receiving UDP packages from an FPGA

    I am trying to read the UDP packages in python, which were sent from an FPGA. I see the packages in wireshark, and they look allright. Python, however does not receive anything when I use this simple script: im...Learn More
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  12. Inconsistent packet delivery by NIC, NIC performance measurement

    One of our customers experiences problem with our streaming application (win32). It seems like UDP (RTP) packets that should be sent by the application with some constant interval (say 20 ms) are actually sent ...Learn More