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  1. JavaScript's encodeURI Function

    JavaScript's encodeURI Function For much of JavaScript's life, it was a browser-only programming language and could not run on the server-side like it can now. Because of this, JS has a lot of built-in function...Learn More
  2. Difference between URI, URL and URN

    **Difference between URI, URL and URN** Here you will learn about difference between URI, URL and URN. When it comes about accessing WebPages, data, files, audio, videos and other stuff, the foremost thing a pr...Learn More
  3. Test if a URI is up

    I'm trying to make a simple app that will "ping" a uri and tell me if its responding or not I have the following code but it only seems to check domains at the root level ie www.google.com and not www.google.co...Learn More
  4. Mapping a URI to String-field in LINQ-to-SQL

    I'm trying to store a URI as a string in a database, using LINQ. [Column(Name = "Url", DbType = "nvarchar(255)")] public Uri Url { get { return new Uri(_url); } set { _url =...Learn More
  5. .NET Uri class query missing the semicolon reserved character, simple workarounds?

    This http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.uri.query.aspx and this ietf. org/rfc/rfc1738 .txt (pardon the formatting, can't post more than one url) suggest that the .Net Uri class does not recognize th...Learn More
  6. Why would ImageView.setImageURI() work in Android 2.2 but not 2.1?

    I am displaying images and some text in a list view with an adapter. The images are pulled from the web, then cached locally and displayed. The images are already small (60px square), and I know their size, s...Learn More
  7. Is it possible to retrieve an uri chunk on AppEngine?

    Let's say i go to myblog.com/post/12. The /post handler is already defined, but how can i get the parameter being passed? 12 in this case is the post_id. I'm using the Python SDK....Learn More
  8. Powershell pack uri object

    I'm trying to create a pack ui referencing a xaml resource inside of an assembly file in powershell. After reading this post I tried to do this: $resource = new-object system.uri("pack://application:,,,/WPFReso...Learn More
  9. Literal ampersands in System.Uri query string

    I'm working on a client app that uses a restful service to look up companies by name. It's important that I'm able to include literal ampersands in my queries since this character is quite common in company nam...Learn More
  10. Weird URI string displayed on mounting iPod

    I have written a small program to detect whenever a device is mounted on a desktop running Linux. I have used GIO for this. I am extracting the URI of the mounted resource and displaying it to the user. When I ...Learn More
  11. geographic location uri scheme

    I'd like to use a URI scheme to enable the users of one of my apps to share geographic locations. I don't want to invent my own URI scheme and "geo" seems the most appropriate but there are only two Internet D...Learn More
  12. Foolproof Unique title for Urls

    Within my application UI want to avoid id numbers within the urls if possible so the best way to do this would be to create a a unique version of the title that's valid for url schemas. SO do a something the sa...Learn More